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Broken Healthcare Forces Hospital to Stop Suing Patients
by David Silverstein
Posted July 23, 2019

broken healthcareLate last year I met Dr. Marty Makary, a renowned surgeon and professor of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University. Marty told me about the research he was doing. That research was published this week in JAMA which talks about the incredible problem of hospitals suing patients—primarily poor and lower middleclass patients, for unpaid medical debt that they can never come close to paying because of the absurdly high prices for which they are being billed.

One of the hospitals Marty and his research team focused on was Mary Washington Hospital in Fredericksburg, VA, which sues on the order of 100 patients every month.

After learning of Marty’s work, Broken Healthcare joined the research team, identified patients, and hired a local attorney to create a pseudo public defender model. The result has been that every time (100%) that we provided a legal defense for a patient, the hospital dropped its law suit. More…

The Facts:
This article clearly illustrates how the legal system only works for those who can afford it.

Reflect On:
Consider how we have been ingrained into believing and repeating the line “liberty and justice for all”.