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Read THIS Before Cheering the Next War
by Washingtons Blog
Posted July 29, 2019

lies are spread to make people support warsOver two thousand years ago, the Greek writer Aeschylus said:

“In war, truth is the first casualty.”

That quote could be read to mean that – once a war starts – then truth goes out the window …

In reality, however, wars are often planned for political reasons (having to do with money, resources or other goals which may have nothing to do with directly protecting one’s country or people) and then false intelligence is created to “justify” the start of the war.

Scores of officials throughout the world have admitted (either orally, in writing, or through recordings, photographs or videos) to carrying out, seriously proposing, or faking attacks which they blamed on others as a way to falsely start wars or shut down free speech: More…

The Facts:
Nations and political leaders have long used false scenarios to justify going to war. The greatest recent example is the claim of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq to justify an illegal war.

Reflect On:
Given the long and proven history of false flags, consider whether what you are hearing on the news is actually factual or simply designed to whip up support for a war. Who will benefit from such as war? What institutions or entities are spreading the lies that deceive people?