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A Complete List of Alternatives To The Google Search Engine
By Arjun Walia
Posted August 5, 2019

there are alternatives to Google's surveillance and censorshipWe are living in a very interesting time, one in where we have a ‘ministry of truth’ that is quite Orwellian. This ministry of truth is deciding what’s real and what’s not for people, and they hold a tremendous amount of power and resources. Google is part of this ministry, and they are playing their part in censoring, demonetizing, and hiding information and platforms that does not suit the plans, agendas and the wants of the people that run Google and who are tied to.

There has been a deliberate manipulation of the opinions of the masses, and that those who manipulate this “unseen mechanism, constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power” of global geopolitics. Our minds are “molded, our tastes formed” and our ideas are “suggested, largely by men we have never heard of.” (Edward Bernays) More…

The Facts:
Using Google as a search engine is no longer giving you access to unedited truth. As admitted by Google exec Jen Gennai, you will see what Google wants you to see.

Reflect On:
Is it time to swap search engines and give yourself access to a wider perspective? How much will this affect what you think is true or real in our world? How might this completely change the decisions you make in your life?