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If you provoke the entire world, something may happen
by Andre Vltchek
Posted August 11, 2019

American empire, same weaknesses as previous onesThe United States believes that it is so invincible, exceptional and so frightening that no one would ever dare to protest, let alone defend its people against constant humiliation, economic embargos and military threats.

It used to be like this for quite some time. In the past, the West used to bully the world before and after each well-planned assault. Also, well-crafted propaganda used to be applied.

As everyone is well aware, even lackeys and slaves often hold grudges. And abused dogs can bite. Throughout history, slaves rebelled. True heroes came from rebellious and enslaved nations.

This, what we have now on our planet, is not good, not a healthy situation. The more countries that are being intimidated, the higher the chances are that somewhere, soon, things will let go; collapse. More…