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The Key to a Sustainable Economy Is 5,000 Years Old
by Ellen Brown
Posted August 30, 2019

ancient Sumerian wisdomWe are again reaching the point in the business cycle known as “peak debt,” when debts have compounded to the point that their cumulative total cannot be paid. Student debt, credit card debt, auto loans, business debt and sovereign debt are all higher than they have ever been. As economist Michael Hudson writes in his provocative 2018 book, “…and forgive them their debts,” debts that can’t be paid won’t be paid. The question, he says, is how they won’t be paid.

Mainstream economic models leave this problem to “the invisible hand of the market,” assuming trends will self-correct over time. But while the market may indeed correct, it does so at the expense of the debtors, who become progressively poorer as the rich become richer. Borrowers go bankrupt and banks foreclose on the collateral, dispossessing the debtors of their homes and their livelihoods. The houses are bought by the rich at distress prices and are rented back at inflated prices to the debtors, who are then forced into wage peonage to survive. More…

The Facts:
Most people are aware that our societies have reached a level of debt that cannot be repaid.

Reflect On:
The system is failing and perhaps it is time to consider following the wisdom of the ancients since what we are doing now is not working. Who would be the people pushing back against using this wisdom and do they have their own agendas?