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Cities Asked Ring to Share ‘Registry Lists’ of Customers Who Bought Surveillance Cameras
by Caroline Haskins
Posted September 17, 2019

Amazon Ring spying on customersPolice want the names and addresses of people who own Ring cameras so they can tap into a private surveillance network.

Cities and local police departments have asked Ring, Amazon’s home security company, to share the names, home addresses, and email addresses of every person who has bought a home surveillance camera through taxpayer-funded subsidy programs Motherboard has learned.

Matthew Guariglia, a surveillance policy analyst for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, told Motherboard in a phone call that people may not also understand Ring products are a part of a larger private surveillance network. More…

The Facts:
Surveillance by the government is increasing and now governments are using private residential cameras as part of their surveillance network.

Reflect On:
What sort of corporation sells out its customers to provide private information to the government? Why are no warrants necessary for this type of privacy invasion? Consider the larger surveillance picture now with televisions, Alexa, cell phone carriers, and others tracking all your activities. Do you feel free?