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Yes, your phone could be listening to you. Here’s what you can do.
by Trish Tobin
Posted October 20, 2019

corporations spying on customerwsYour phone could be listening to you – hearing what you say and then pushing ads according to what it thinks your interests are.

This is the analysis of at least one expert, Dr. Peter Henway, senior security consultant for cybersecurity firm Asterisk, whose conversation with VICE sparked a flurry of online investigation of the listening-phone phenomenon.

You may have suspected it already. Let’s say you’re sitting with a friend at a cafe, your phone is on the table and you’re talking about some totally random topic – like growing geraniums. Then, within hours, you’re seeing ads for geranium seeds on your social media pages.

How does this happen? Here’s how, according Henway: Your phone is, in fact, always listening. More…

The Facts:
Our phones are being used as surveillance devices by both governments and corporations.

Reflect On:
Corporations are always looking to increase profit margins. So all incentives are in place for them to sell your data to governments. Consider how this effectively bypasses constitutional protections because the government can claim that it is corporations, not the government violating the Constitution.