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Judge Says Police Can Search Company’s Entire DNA Database
By Sara Boboltz
Posted November 26, 2019

government gaining unlimited access to private DNA databasesThis is exactly what privacy advocates have been afraid of for years. A Florida detective successfully obtained a warrant to search the company GEDmatch’s full database of user-provided genetic information, even if users had opted out of appearing in police search results, HuffPost has confirmed.

The warrant, signed by a judge in Florida’s Ninth Judicial Circuit Court in July, will likely earn praise from law enforcement and criticism from privacy advocates wary of how DNA databases could be abused. More…

The Facts:
The US has been building a DNA database for some time. Now it is expanding its collection to people arrested for even minor traffic violations but not necessarily convicted, and to those stopped at the border.

Reflect On:
Consider how the government always starts controversial programs using people who are not particularly popular, but once it is established, it spreads to everyone else. Consider how DNA profiles are significantly more intrusive and contain far more information that photos, fingerprints, and other means of identification.