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Now That We’ve Incentivized Sociopaths–Guess What Happens Next
by Charles Hugh Smith
Posted November 30, 2019

sociopaths have been incentivized“Sociopath” is a word we now encounter regularly in the mainstream media, but what does it mean? One key trait is a lack of moral responsibility or conscience; the sociopath feels no remorse if he/she takes advantage of people or exploits them.

Sociopaths are masters of superficial charm, intelligence and confidence, and adept at massaging or misrepresenting reality up to and including outright lying to persuade others or get their way.

Conscience-free capital is an easy mark for a conscience-free sociopath. It’s a marriage made in heaven, a perfect match. Those with a conscience are essentially squeezed out of the system. The choice is binary: either play and lose or opt out. More…