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4 Reasons Why the Law of Attraction isn’t Working for You
by Nikki Sapp
Posted December 11, 2019

law of attraction has rulesIt sounds really magical and amazing in theory, and for those people who dare to open their minds to a metaphysical reality in which there are forces of the universe that we can utilize to cast our dreams into fruition it also sounds do-able. As one begins to start having tangible experiences with unseen forces, they also begin to feel into the magic of how energy works.

So why is it that the promises of law of attraction of “you can have anything you want,” seem to elude so many? Sometimes it seems like those that are the most in tune with spiritual concepts and the universe are the very ones who find it the most hard to not only participate in earthly life but also to bring their visualizations into physical form.

There are certain “rules” to the law of attraction that many of its promoters don’t spend enough time touching on, and because of this, many of those that attempt to follow the concepts become even more confused and disappointed by their lack of ability to manifest. More…