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How to protect yourself from Google’s Sensorvault surveillance program
by William Wayland
Posted December 12, 2019

Google knows where you are It’s a scary thought: You and your friends are marching for gun control, climate action or social justice when a crime happens a mile or two away. Now you and the thousands of people who attended are suspects. And guess who turned you in: Google.

That’s because Google knows where you are right now, even if location tracking on your Google apps is turned off. And the company is handing over your location information to law enforcement agencies.

Google calls this program “Sensorvault” and its use by law enforcement for nearly 10 years was a well-kept secret until the New York Times recently exposed Google’s operation.

The truly troubling part is that you don’t have to be involved in a crime to be targeted by the police when you’re in the vicinity of a crime. Google’s Sensorvault stores your minute-by-minute travel via the Google apps on your mobile phone. One chief of police even boasted that Google can go beyond just a single location to show your “pattern of life.“ More…

The Facts:
Google is tracking your location, purchases, online searches, and other areas of your life. You are under 24 hour surveillance by a private corporation and this information is being freely shared with law enforcement. These records are stored indefinitely by Google.

Reflect On:
Consider the things you can do to limit Google’s intrusion into your life. For one first step you can use DuckDuckGo as your search engine as it makes its money from ads rather from tracking you.