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Taking Back Our Power
by Dr. Bruce Lipton
Posted December 17, 2019

taking back our powerWhen operating from the conscious mind, we are the creators of our lives. However, when we operate through the subconscious mind, our lives are shaped by the raw downloaded programs we acquired in the first seven years of our lives. Science has now recognized that we only use the creative conscious mind about 5% of the day. For 95% of our lives, the conscious mind disconnects from controlling our behaviour while its attention is redirected inwards in thought.

This insight is profound because it reveals that we are not creating the lives we desire but are unconsciously (through the subconscious mind) manifesting lives that are coherent with the beliefs we downloaded as children. Since up to 70% of the downloaded beliefs acquired before age seven are disempowering, self-sabotaging, or limiting, we experience stress from the programs that undermine our conscious mind’s wishes, desires, and aspirations. More…