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$21 Trillion Heist: It’s Only Theft When You’re Not Wealthy Enough to Get Away With It
By Tim Nuell
Posted January 14, 2020

$21 trillion missingPerhaps the Washington Post and the New York Times have their top teams of investigative journalists tracking the trail of the missing $21 Trillion. Maybe MSNBC, FOX and CNN are all simply waiting for the February ratings period to drop their bombshells about the missing money. But don’t bet on it.

Both Forbes and Reuters reported the news back in December. Still, the major corporate media outlets that currently control the country’s group think have somehow managed to keep 21 trillion worms nestled neatly inside a can with an open lid.

The idea that $21 Trillion slipped through the cracks at the Defense Department and HUD, under the watch of both political parties, doesn’t fit the desired narrative at the nation’s top newspapers either. The fact that their legions of journalists have not attempted to publicly debunk the story speaks volumes about the report’s legitimacy. With that in mind, the reality that no major newspaper has shed any light on the work done by Skidmore and his team, much less expanded upon it, is shameful at the very least. At its worst, the press appear as potential co-conspirators in a coverup, even if nothing nefarious is actually afoot. More…

The Facts:
At least $21 TRILLION is missing from 2 federal agencies and this figure is likely even higher once other agencies are considered. How much is $21 Trillion? It’s enough to give $1 million to 21 million different people. It’s also enough to give $65,000 to every living human being in America.

Reflect On:
Why is this story not on the front pages of every newspaper? Why is this not the lead story of every newscast? Why are none of the political candidates talking about this.