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The Myth Of Incompetence: DNC Scandals Are A Feature, Not A Bug
by Caitlin Johnstone
Posted February 7, 2020

Democratic National Committee chair Tom PerezAs these scandalous revelations continue to emerge I don’t see anyone online expressing surprise that the Democratic establishment is once again stacking the deck against Sanders, but I do see some people expressing surprise that they are being so brazen about it. Which is perfectly understandable; if this party wants to screw over progressive voters, you’d expect that they’d at least try to hide it a little bit so they don’t alienate their progressive base before November.

The flaw in this expectation is its premise that Democratic Party elites care if their party wins in November. They do not.

Put yourself in the shoes of one of the leading movers and shakers within the Democratic Party for a minute. Pretend you’re getting a nice paycheck, pretend you’re getting great healthcare benefits, pretend you get plenty of prestige and exclusive access and invitations to classy parties. And pretend you’re the type of person who’s willing to manipulate and deceive and kiss up and kick down and do whatever it takes to get to the top of such a structure. More…

The Facts:
The elites running the Democratic Party are AGAIN manipulating election results. Nothing happened to these people the last time they did this in 2016.

Reflect On:
Consider all of the directions this manipulation comes from: easily hackable electronic voting machines, insecure cell phone apps, corruption at the level of those who count, corruption at the level of those who report the results. How can the US claim to have democratic elections while these people control the results? Watch for the corporate controlled media to start blaming foreign actors for this mess.