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New Details Show How Deeply Iowa Caucus App Developer Was Embedded in Democratic Establishment
by Lee Fang
Posted February 13, 2020

Democratic Party looking to repeat 2016 election riggingDemocratic operative Tara McGowan is denying that her high-profile liberal firm ACRONYM played a role in the Monday evening caucus debacle, claiming that her firm was merely an investor in the company Shadow Inc., which developed the app at the center of the controversy. But internal company documents, a source close to the firms, and public records show a close and intertwined relationship between Acronym and Shadow.

In addition, ahead of the caucuses, questions swirled inside Shadow over the company’s ability to deliver a quality product, and there was concern from at least one staff member that senior leaders of Shadow and Acronym — both of which were launched as a new Democratic bulwark against President Donald Trump — have been far from neutral in the Democratic primary. More…

The Facts:
The Democratic Party elites were deeply involved in the “problems” associated with the Iowa caucus. The Democratic Party elites successfully rigged the 2016 primary elections to steal the nomination away from Bernie Sanders so they could anoint Hillary Clinton with the nomination.

Reflect On:
Consider how this is an indictment of not only the Democratic Party elites, but also the unreliability of electronic vote counting that does not have a voter verified paper trail as part of the process. How can a democratic system survive once faith is lost in the voting process?