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How Monsanto Lawyers Nixed a Felony Charge
by Nick Schwellenbach
Posted February 24, 2020

Alice FisherJustice Department prosecutors were on the verge of charging biotech giant Monsanto with a felony for illegally spraying a banned, highly toxic pesticide and nerve agent in Hawaii, not far from beachside resorts on Maui.

“But then, according to an internal April 2019 government document viewed by the Project on Government Oversight (POGO), that decision was overruled.”

Monsanto had its Washington lawyers intervene at the highest levels of Department of Justice to stop the felony case.

A key attorney handling the matter for Monsanto was Latham & Watkins partner Alice S. Fisher. More…

The Facts:
A US corporation was successful in getting a regulatory agency that was supposed to watching this corporation, to drop a large pending legal case.

Reflect On:
Should corporations be allowed to corrupt our system? Would abolishing the Citizens United ruling and limiting donations to only individuals with small donation ceilings be a major step in addressing this corruption?