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Citizens United: The Court Ruling That Sold Our Democracy
by Tiffany Muller
Posted March , 2020

Citizens United effectively legalized bribery of Ten years ago, in January 2010, the Supreme Court released its disastrous Citizens United decision. The court, either through remarkable naivety or sheer malevolence, essentially married the terrible idea that “money is speech” to the terrible idea that “corporations are people.”

The ruling put a for sale sign on our democracy, opening up a flood of corporate, special interest, and even foreign money into our politics.

Through Citizens United and related decisions, the Court made a bad situation worse. We saw the proliferation of super PACs, which can accept and spend unlimited amounts of money to influence elections, and the rise of dark money, which is undisclosed political spending that can come from any special interest, including foreign countries. More…

The Facts:
The US Supreme Court opened the gates for money to corrupt the political system with the Citizens United ruling.

Reflect On:
Consider how this corrupt ruling essentially legalized bribery of “our” elected representatives. How can someone represent you when they are paid millions to represent others?