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The Primary Mechanism Of Your Oppression Is Not Hidden At All
by Caitlin Johnstone
Posted March 18 , 2020

primary mechanisms of our oppression It’s impossible for the public to use democracy for ensuring their government behaves in the way they desire if they aren’t allowed to be informed about what that behavior even is.

The nonstop campaign by bought politicians, owned news outlets, and manipulated social media platforms to control the dominant narratives about what’s going on in the world contribute vastly more to the sickness of our society than government secrecy does. We know this from experience: any time a whistle blower exposes secret information about the malfeasance of powerful governments like NSA surveillance or Collateral Murder, we see not public accountability, nor demands for sweeping systemic changes to prevent such malfeasance from reoccurring, but a bunch of narrative management from the political/media class.

This narrative management is used to shift attention away from the information that was revealed and onto the fact that the person who revealed it broke the law or misbehaved in some way. It’s used to convince people that the revelations aren’t actually a big deal, or that it was already basically public knowledge anyway. And it’s used to manipulate public attention on to the next hot story of the day and memory hole it underneath the white noise of the media news churn. And nothing changes. More…

The Facts:
Governments routinely use the tactic of diversion to place the focus onto the the whistle blower, rather than on the allegation.

Reflect On:
Consider how this manipulation has been used in the past on whistle blowers like Manning, Assange, and Snowden. Consider how you may have fallen for this manpilation in the past and what actions you can take to prevent this happening again and to inform others so they are not victims of this tactic.