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5 Ways You Can Help Your Fellow Humans During The Coronavirus Madness
by Matt Agorist
Posted March 25, 2020

now is a good time to help othersMonday marked a day in this country which has never happened. From coast to coast millions of workers simultaneously found out that they will not have jobs the next day. The impact was so large that it overwhelmed unemployment websites, causing them to crash. The coronavirus measures could impact these people in extreme ways and for months to come.

If you know others affected by this shutdown, consider helping them out with food or donations or work, if you have it. Another way to help is to buy gift cards to your favorite local restaurants, stores, from your hair stylist and local spa. The business will get the money today, but you can use it later. Pay in cash, if possible, to avoid further lag time.

As the virus continues to spread, there will be more and more people who are quarantined in their homes. The panic from self-quarantine has already caused runs on grocery stores as well as the idiotic hoarding of toilet paper. Many of these folks who are now quarantined may not have had time to get supplies before they were unable to leave their homes. You can help them. More…