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How You Can Practice ‘Radical Neighboring’ Against Coronavirus
by Simon Greer
Posted May 6, 2020

being a good neighborAs we create “social distance” to protect ourselves and our loved ones and “flatten the curve,” we are also facing fear.

Many of us are anxious, afraid, and unsure. Will this be our new normal? Will I get sick? Will I overreact? Underreact? Am I putting my family in harm’s way?

So we move through the fear, hunker down, and wait it out—and the comparisons swirl. Is this like 9/11, Hurricane, Sandy, the 1918 flu, SARS, Ebola or like nothing we have ever experienced before?

And what do we do to maintain our humanity and connection in a situation in which keeping our distance is the key to survival and being a good citizen? How can we transform “social distance” into just “physical distance”?

Being a good citizen is being a good neighbor—so what do “good neighbors” look like in the time of panic buying, hand sanitizer, and physical avoidance? More…