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The Illusion of Control: What If Nobody’s in Charge?
by Charles Hugh Smith
Posted July 21, 2020

the illusion of controlI submit whatever control we discern is illusory, as the dynamics unleashed by the pandemic have already escaped the control of elites. The fundamental reason the elites have lost control is that all the systems they depend on have been broken for 12 years, but were successfully papered over by doing more of what broke them in the first place. This papering over of broken systems generated an illusion of functionality: everything appeared to function as before even as dysfunction spread into every corner of every system.

As doing more of what broke the systems in the first place is failing, the illusion of functionality has been shredded. Now that the illusion of functionality has been lost, control of the narrative via institutional authority has also been lost.

The last shred of power the elites hold is the belief of the masses that the elites are still in control. That belief is dissipating, despite the shrieks and cries of the elites that they are still in control. Events are illuminating their hubris and the fractals of incompetence that are crumbling beneath their feet. More…