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Starve the Beast, Feed the Light
By Tim Bryant
Posted July 22, 2020

we have the powerThe problem is that many people today go about activism in the totally wrong way, spinning the wheels, but going nowhere fast. The three most common tactics include constantly complaining about other people’s actions, protesting the actions of others by occupying space/holding signs, and lobbying middlemen politicians to enact new laws to fix the problems and “protect” the people. Though these tactics might work to some small degree (obviously not working very well at the moment), they all have one fundamental problem hindering genuine change, and that is direct individual action. By always asking and relying on some other entity to be the agent of change, like the government or private corporations, people are stripping themselves of their own power to change the system directly through their own individual actions.

It’s no wonder people feel incredibly powerless when coming face-to-face with the beast that is the system. However, if there is one truth that every social activist needs to fully understand, it is that We the People are what feeds the beast, and without our energy input, the parasite would starve and fall to its knees, dying off quicker than many can even fathom. It’s really not as complex as many are led to believe; it just requires hard work, focused discipline, open-minded thinking, in-depth research, and constant adaptation to an ever-changing world. More…