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From Barter to Debt: A Brief History
By Naresh Jotwani
Posted August 1, 2020

debt is slaveryOnce a ‘headperson’ is persuaded that he or she has ‘an indispensable and central role in maintaining social order’, the seductive idea of ‘tax’ takes complete hold of his or her mind. ‘Ordinary community members’ are coerced into contributing towards the cost of ‘maintaining social order’ — including, naturally, the cost of maintaining the expensive instruments of coercion.

A brilliant new ‘business model’ was thus born about five thousand years ago!

It is not an over-statement to say that this has been the most durable and successful business model in human history. With the imposition of ‘tax’, community members become beholden to the ‘head­person’. From childhood, every citizen is educated to uphold this ‘moral obligation’, while the beneficiaries of the system find ways to evade their own moral obligation. More…