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7 Stages of Spiritual Growth: Which Stage Are You in?
By Kirstie Pursey
Posted August 17, 2020

stages of spiritual growthSpiritual growth is a journey with many twists and turns. But there are clear stages we can recognize on our path to spiritual wholeness.

Spiritual growth can be achieved in many ways. There is no prescribed path that leads to enlightenment. In addition, the journey can sometimes feel like two steps forward followed by three steps backward. The stage you are at is not necessarily that important. However, it is nice to check where you are on your journey to see how far you have come and what might be round the next corner.

The following stages of spiritual growth are only guidelines. You may be at different stages in different aspects of your life. There are many different interpretations of the stages of spiritual growth and no one right path or way. However, I believe understanding the processes and stages can help us move forward and make the journey a little smoother. More…