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The Lawful Access to Encrypted Data Act wants to ban strong encryption
by Richie Koch
Posted October 7, 2020

police want full access to all devicesThe United States Congress is considering a law that would destroy online privacy as we know it and essentially outlaw the most secure American tech products, such as Signal. The law would ban end-to-end encryption for large companies and require developers to break their own products at the request of law enforcement agencies.

The bill is called the Lawful Access to Encrypted Data (LAED) Act, proposed by three Republican Senators on June 23.

The stated purpose of the law is to give police and security agencies the ability to quickly access information contained on a suspect’s encrypted device. The LAED Act targets all data that is encrypted, both in transit and at rest. So not only would a tech company be forced to help the FBI break into a smartphone seized from a suspect, but it would also have to build a way to let officials monitor end-to-end encrypted communications, including whoever the suspect is talking to.

This bill puts the privacy and security of everyone at risk, not only suspected criminals. If a back door exists, no one is safe. More…