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If We Want to Stop Our Civilization From Collapsing, This is What We Have to Do
by Umair Haque
Posted October 11, 2020

healing the source of lifeAn enlightenment in the substance of what “work” really is. Is it something we just do in airless offices to make billionaires richer? Or is it the actual labour — imagination, energy, sweat, passion — of keeping our civilisation going, as a civilization, a thing of nourishment and sustenance, of taking care of the planet, life on it, one another, the future?

And, by the way, doesn’t nature “work,” too? Who provides the air we breathe? The trees. The water we drink? The rivers. The energy we use? The sun, the minerals, the rocks. Who cleans those rivers? The fish. Who turns our soil? The insects and worms. Nature “works” — but it’s our slave. We abuse it, make it labour for free, and turn a blind eye when it dies. So we need to begin compensating nature for the “work” it does, too — and that might give it a shot to not die, and keep us alive, too.

Those two great objectives of tomorrow’s macroeconomies are in conflict. Can we provide every human being on earth with the basics — while not destroying the planet and life on it? Can we provide for ourselves without being destructive and predatory — being mindful of nature to the point that we compensate it fairly for the work it does for us, too? More…