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The Viral Assault On Small Businesses
by MN Gordon
Posted January 19, 2021

small businesses go broke, large corporations benefitKlaus Schwab, a madman, and founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF) is a man of social science based totalitarian rule. Individuals that think for themselves and pay their own way in life are not part of his master plan. He prefers a docile public, subsisting one notch above poverty, that’s fully dependent on a global state.

COVID-19 has provided the perfect cover for Schwab’s disciples to assault one of America’s remaining expressions of freedom and independence: small businesses. With lockdowns, politicians get to pick and choose what businesses survive and what businesses don’t. They get to decide who’s essential and who isn’t.

By and large, corporations, having interests aligned with politicians, are considered essential. Small businesses aren’t. Walmart lives. Dick’s barbershop dies. McDonald’s survives. Tito’s Tacos doesn’t.

What’s more, legislation with the supposed intent to stop the spread of coronavirus has devastated small businesses. Roughly 100,000 small businesses have permanently closed. At the same time, big corporations are reaping record profits. More…