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The TPP Was All but Dead, Now DC Think Tanks Are Quietly Urging Biden to Bring It Back
by Alan Macleod
Posted February 5, 2021

Washington DC Insiders urging resurrection of the TPP The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was dead and buried. But now, with the imminent arrival of the new Biden administration, many of the most influential policy groups in Washington are quietly trying to resurrect it.

While it was negotiated in secret, away from public eyes, when it was completed, there was a massive public relations campaign aimed at pushing the American public to accept it. This included some utterly bizarre and brazen pieces of public propaganda, including President Obama appearing on The Tonight Show to sing a love song dedicated to the TPP.

Once it was established that corporations could sue governments for lost profits over issues like environmental regulations, safety standards on foods and other goods, or costly safety protections for workers, public anger mounted. There were mass protests across virtually every signatory country to the TPP, leading to an unlikely alliance between trade unions, farmers, libertarians, members of the Tea Party, socialists, and many other groups who would have been negatively affected. More…