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Did Ordinary Citizens Just Arrest Mayor Bonnie Crombie in Mississauga, Ontario?
by Richard Enos
Posted May 30, 2021

Citizens' court arrests mayor As this pandemic wears on, it is becoming evident to a growing number of citizens that the measures being levied upon us and our children by our elected officials and school boards are getting ever further divorced from the science, statistics and plain common sense about what is best for our health. The only logical explanation left for people who are doing further research is that our elected leaders and school board officials are simply following what appears to be an agenda of control that is being thrust upon them from above.

While protests and rallies against these measures have been ongoing in Canada and around the world, a growing number of people here in Ontario have concluded that these activities have done little to elicit a response from our highly insulated elected officials. An Ontario group by the name of Stand4Thee has spearheaded an effort to hold our elected leaders directly accountable, and rather than continuing to wait for the slow and grinding wheels of our current court system to deliver some measure of justice, Stand4Thee has decided to educate themselves and others on the Common Law, and implement immediate Common Law actions commensurate with the urgency of the situation, especially in regards to the magnitude of damage being inflicted on our children. More…