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People Who Adopt These 7 Verbal Habits in 2021 Have Very High Emotional Intelligence
By Bill Murphy Jr.
Posted July 27, 2021

emotional intelligenceIf there’s one area of self-improvement readers have told me they’d like to work on during 2021, it’s emotional intelligence. So, here are some simple verbal habits designed to do exactly that.

They’re easy, really: just a series of short phrases to memorize that will improve your conversations and make it more likely you’ll achieve your goals with others this year.

“Thanks. I’ll check in tomorrow.”

You don’t have to react right away, in other words.

Now, this doesn’t have to be so confrontational. Maybe you’re thinking about how to respond to a client who emails you at 4 p.m. to express second thoughts about an order. Maybe it’s a business partner who lets you know she doesn’t like the marketing materials you’ve spent the better part of a week working on.

So? Wait a day. Wait half a day. In short, wait however long you need in order to take control of your emotions, so that they can be a tool for you to use, not a challenge to overcome. More…