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My website hosting service, InMotion Hosting, has totally failed me with this website.

I contacted tech support 4 times in 4 days before they even responded to my tech support questions. When they finally did respond, the answers only addressed some of the questions.

I then responded with a request that they answer the questions of how this very selective deletion of posts, media files, pages and categories could have happened, and 5 days later I received a response.

Tech support claimed that there was an SQL database error and that they restored it to June 2020. However, that does not explain how media files after that date were affected.

It is my belief (though I do not have evidence) that InMotion is joining other tech platforms and is engaging in censorship of content that does not fit the “official narrative”.  InMotion claims that they do not censor.

The very selective nature of the deleted content suggests strongly that this was done by the hosting service, as a hacker would not go to such trouble to be so selective. Those who have followed this site know that there was never any violent, racist, graphic, or other inappropriate content here. Should this posting be deleted, it should serve as proof that InMotion does indeed censor.

Personally, I cannot recommend that anyone use InMotion Hosting as a service.

At this time I am not sure that I will continue building out the site as I have done for the last 14 years. So if those who seek to control narrative and thus by extension to control us, wanted to discourage and shut down voices that do not follow the “official” narrative, congratulations, you have succeeded. Pat yourselves on your back and reflect on how you have done your share to limit freedom, censor, and silence alternative voices.
I will ultimately redesign the site and it will take a whole new format and direction. Until that time, this site will be inactive. I thank everyone who followed the posts here and hopefully your eyes and hearts have been opened to an alternative way of thinking. Hopefully more people now see the “big picture” and how seemingly disconnected events are part of a much larger agenda, that serves not the people, but those who seek to control us.
Please check back periodically to see if the new site is up and running.