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A Message Of Indigenous Resistance And Inspiration From The Amazon

A Message Of Indigenous Resistance And Inspiration From The Amazon
By Nemonte Nenquimo
Posted January 18, 2019

indigenous resistance to corporate destruction of tribal landsI am Nemonte Nenquimo. My name means Many Stars. My people are the Waorani and our forest is our home. I am a Waorani woman and a mother.

Our ancestors defended our way of life for generations with spears. But the threats we face now cannot be confronted with spears alone.

Two moons from now, the government plans to auction our territory to the oil companies. If we do not stop them, the company will get a foothold in our lands. They will bring money, sickness and contamination. They will try to divide our families and change our way of thinking. More…

The Facts:
Indigenous ancestral lands and traditional values and lifestyles are being threatened by big corporations interested only in profits.

Reflect On:
As consumers and customers of these corporations, what tools are at our disposal to influence their policies? Should we patronizing them?

Grassroots Networks Mobilize From Coast to Coast to Promote Digital Rights

Grassroots Networks Mobilize From Coast to Coast to Promote Digital Rights
By Shahid Buttar
Posted January 17, 2019

communities mobilizing for digital rightsThe digital rights movement showed its strength this year by projecting influence in jurisdictions across the United States. Community organizations on both coasts, as well as the Midwest and the South, took action, promoting issues from net neutrality and civilian oversight of local police surveillance to the right to repair and digital security.

Among the 84 groups in the Electronic Frontier Alliance, grassroots community organizations in many cities demonstrably improved public policy, while their allies elsewhere built awareness online, as well as in their local communities. More…

Water Watchdogs Keep Up Fight Against Oregon LNG Terminal

Water Watchdogs Keep Up Fight Against Oregon LNG Terminal
by Juliet Grable
Posted January 9, 2019

opposition to pipelines is growing after Standing RockPublic comment periods are usually dull affairs. But this summer, dozens of people rallied in front of the Medford, Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) building to ceremoniously hand over boxes of comments urging the agency to deny an important certification to the Jordan Cove Energy Project.

By the end of the Oregon DEQ comment period in late August, project opponents had flooded the agency with over 43,000 comments, citing threats to hundreds of rivers, streams, and wetlands and echoing the concerns of citizens all over the country who are opposing new fossil fuel.

Projects such as these have seen fierce local resistance. But it was the unyielding stance of the Standing Rock Water Protectors in North Dakota, who protested the Dakota Access pipeline on the grounds that it could contaminate their drinking supply, that brought these battles into national focus two years ago. More…

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