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Justice Articles from 2015

Unless You Want to Go to Prison, Read This Before Taking Money Out of Your Bank

Unless You Want to Go to Prison, Read This Before Taking Money Out of Your Bank
by Dave Hodges
Posted January 11, 2015

land of the free?George Soros won’t go to prison for taking his money out of the bank, but you could, if you are not very careful.

The courts have ruled that once you deposit your money in the bank, the bank owns your money. You virtually are paid no interest for the hard earned money that you place in the bank. And if inflation is only at a modest 5% rate, your hundred thousand dollars is worth only $95,000 after one year. In a decade, your real buying power is reduced by about 50%. And where did the other 50% go? Because of fractional reserve banking, the biggest money scam in history, the banks can take $10,000 and turn it into at least $90,000 by doing absolutely nothing but adding some zeroes after your name, on a computer scree, and then loaning out the money, at interest, while you are paid a minuscule interest rate. This practice adds to the inflation rate and further erodes your savings.

All of the above, dictates that we should all take our money out of the bank. Why do I risk starting a run on my former and biggest holder of my money, Bank of America, by withdrawing my money and presuming that many fellow depositors will read this and rush to withdraw their money too? The very biggest reason to is because they pay me near zero interest. Also, even if there is an infinitesimal chance Bank of America will not repay me in full, whenever I ask, switches the cost-benefit conclusion from stay to flee. More…

What’s Luck Got to Do With It? Everything, if You Are a Banking Whistleblower

What’s Luck Got to Do With It? Everything, if You Are a Banking Whistleblower
By Kate Kenny
Posted January 2, 2015

jp morgan whistleblowerThink whistleblowing is a matter of telling the truth? Think again. “Successful” whistleblowing, where the protagonist actually manages to make themselves heard in the media and get the support of the public, is a matter of luck.

Last week a new whistleblower emerged to tell us about the goings-on in a well-known bank, JP Morgan. Alayne Fleischmann gave her description of how the firm handled the approaching car crash in the market for packaging and reselling mortgage debt. She joins the small but important number of fellow banking whistleblowers. From Ireland’s Jonathan Sugarman and Olivia Greene to the UK’s Paul Moore, some people did try to speak up about the misdeeds that lead to the global financial crash. More…

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