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Inside the Major Political Fight for Broadband Internet That’s Brewing Across America

Inside the Major Political Fight for Broadband Internet That’s Brewing Across America
By David Morris
Posted March 10, 2015

cable dominanceOn February 28th the Federal Communications Commission issued two decisions.  One concerned net neutrality, the other municipal broadband.  The first garnered by far the most attention, as it should.  Net neutrality affects everyone and establishes a fundamental new principle for Internet access.

But as another presidential campaign looms the FCC decision on municipally owned broadband may offer more fertile ground for a vigorous political debate on the role of government and the scale of governance.

The decision arose from a petition to the FCC by Chattanooga, Tennessee and Wilson, North Carolina asking it to overturn state laws that prevent them from extending their highly successful publicly owned networks to surrounding communities eager to connect. The FCC’s decision affects just those two states’ laws but will undoubtedly become a precedent to evaluate most of the other 17 states’ restrictions on municipal broadband.  More…

How to break the corporate media blockade

How to break the corporate media blockade
By Rick Staggenborg, MD
Posted February 27, 2015

propaganda masquerading as newsComprehending how we are being lied into supporting chaotic global violence requires understanding how certain powerful interests control information. Few people realize that one of the CIA’s duties is influencing media for propaganda purposes. Various sources have documented a network of media corporations that are CIA fronts, both in the US and overseas. A prominent German media figure admitted to being a CIA employee for years, stating that this was common practice in both Europe and the US.

We now know that claims of WMDs in Iraq were false, as were similar claims in Syria. Seymour Hersh, who uncovered much of the hidden truth of the Vietnam War, revealed the lies about Syrian chemical weapons. Robert Parry, who gave us the facts about Iran-Contra, is now trying to wake up up to the fact that the US is supporting a fascist government in Ukraine. It is not a coincidence that both are no longer New York Times reporters. The Times has set the standard for a media that parrots government lies without question. More…

Truth? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Truth

Truth? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Truth
by Paul Craig Roberts (Asst. Sec.of the US Treasury in the Reagan Administration)
Posted February 11, 2015

we don;t need the truthConsider the “war on terror.” According to a Nobel economist and a Harvard University budget expert, Washington’s 14 years of war on terror has cost Americans a minimum of $6 trillion. That’s 6,000 billion dollars. This sum, together with the current PayRoll tax revenues is enough to keep Social Security and Medicare in the black for years to come. Without the vast sum wasted on the war on terror, Republicans would not have an excuse to be trying to cut Social Security and Medicare for budget reasons and to privatize the old age pensions and health care of people, thus turning Medicare and Social Security pensions into fee income for Wall Street.

Combating terrorism is the excuse for squandering a minimum of $6,000 billion dollars. What were the terrorist events that serve as a basis for this expenditure? More…

Franc-ly Speaking: What If It Were All A Set Up?

Franc-ly Speaking: What If It Were All A Set Up?
by Mark St. Cyr
Posted January 19, 2015

setup?Back in early 2011 then head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Dominique Strauss-Kahn (DSK) suddenly was charged with rape, sexual abuse, and unlawful imprisonment. DSK at the time was considered the rising star in the world of European monetary policy and politics. So much so that he was also considered a credible challenge to Nicolas Sarkozy for the French presidency. In a blink of an eye all that was wiped from the ledgers. And none seemed more surprised than DSK himself. In retrospect – all with good reason.

With little fanfare (for it doesn’t make as delectable a story for the main stream media as the original accusation) DSK was cleared. The case against him? Dropped. His name, career, political aspirations? Gone. As we now know he was replaced with a far more “banker” friendly head Christine Lagarde. Conspiracy? Who knows. However let me put two illustrations of statements for context. One is from 2010 when DSK was in a position of banking power when crisis and words from a “banker” meant far more than just words. More…

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