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Wall Street On Parade Responds to New Publisher at New York Times

Wall Street On Parade Responds to New Publisher at New York Times
By Pam Martens and Russ Martens
Posted January 30, 2018

will NY Times straighten out its recordOn Monday Jan 1, 37-year old Arthur Gregg (A.G.) Sulzberger took the helm as the new Publisher of the New York Times, succeeding his father, Arthur Ochs Sulzberger Jr., whose tenure in the post lasted for the past quarter of a century.

Wall Street On Parade has a unique basis on which to test the sincerity of A.G.’s promise for “truth.” For the past five years Wall Street On Parade has requested that management at the New York Times correct the extraordinary, non-factual reporting it has published on the relationship that the repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act had on the epic Wall Street collapse of 2008, which resulted in the most devastating economic crisis since the Great Depression.

The New York Times has good reason to be defensive about the Glass-Steagall Act repeal in 1999. It was one of the major cheerleaders for the repeal. More…

Documents Reveal The NSA Is An Agency Gone Rogue As FISA 702 Is Reauthorized

Documents Reveal The NSA Is An Agency Gone Rogue As FISA 702 Is Reauthorized
by Elizabeth Vos
Posted January 27, 2018

NSA burning through our rightsThat the NSA targets political dissidents and American citizens provides legitimate cause for concern over the passage of FISA reauthorization. The issue is compounded in light of recent DecipherYou findings showing that the NSA also actively attempts to avoid government oversight.

On the same day that Trump tweeted that he’d signed the FISA section 702 reauthorization, Suzie Dawson and this author analyzed a never-before scrutinized Snowden file that showed the NSA endorsing an employee who had interfaced with Congress, and who advised the NSA move to avoid legislative oversight. The file in question was titled: “Do We Over-Classify? Are We Sharing Enough Information?”

Suzie Dawson, a journalist, activist, and current leader of the Internet Party of New Zealand, noted that the unnamed author was effectively telling entire NSA staff that: “The Senate Intelligence Committee should not be allowed to set the terms for reform of the NSA.” Such a revelation is both disturbing and relevant in regards to the current issues surrounding FISA 702. More…

Snowden’s New App Turns Your Phone Into a Home Security System

Snowden’s New App Turns Your Phone Into a Home Security System
by Andy Greenberg
Posted January 20, 2018

Snowden backed app helps protect your securityYour digital security, any sufficiently paranoid person will remind you, is only as good as your physical security. The world’s most sensitive users of technology, like dissidents, activists, or journalists in repressive regimes, have to fear not just hacking and online surveillance, but the reality that police, intelligence agents, or other intruders can simply break into your home, office, or hotel room. They can tamper with your computers, steal them, or bodily detain you until you cough up passwords or other secrets.

To help combat that threat, one of the world’s most well-known activists against digital surveillance has released what’s intended to be a cheap, mobile, and flexible version of a physical security system. On Friday, the Freedom of the Press Foundation and its president, famed NSA leaker Edward Snowden, launched Haven, an app designed to transform any Android phone into a kind of all-purpose sensor for detecting intrusions. More…

The False Flag Formula – 15 Ways to Detect a False Flag Operation

The False Flag Formula – 15 Ways to Detect a False Flag Operation
by Makia Freeman
Posted January 14, 2018

is the terror level real?A false flag formula is becoming readily apparent in the face of so many mass shootings and bombings in the US. The phenomenon has become so commonplace in the last 3 years that it’s becoming more American than apple pie. According to, there have been 353 mass shootings in the USA for 2015 so far. However, as scary as that number is, the good news is that you don’t have to be afraid of them like you may think. A very large number of them – and all of them with any mass media significance and attention – are false flag staged terror events.

Some have real victims, some do not, but either way, the most criminal of all institutions – the Government – is the orchestrating force behind them. They are scripted, pre-planned operations which are definitely not the result of random gun violence. Just as Obama stated (by hiding the truth in plain sight), there is a pattern behind these mass shootings. The Controllers are following a definite false flag formula. Below is a list of the top 15 elements of this formula, which you can now use to detect a false flag operation as it occurs: More…

Expect Even Less Freedom of Internet in 2018

Expect Even Less Freedom of Internet in 2018
by Philip M. Giraldi
Posted January 11, 2018

expect less Internet freedomUsers of social media have been increasingly reporting that their accounts have been either censored, blocked or suspended during the past year. Initially, some believed that the incidents might be technical in nature, with overloaded servers struggling to keep up with the large and growing number of accounts, but it eventually emerged that the interference was deliberate and was focused on individuals and groups that were involved in political or social activities considered to be controversial.

Now it has been learned that major social media and internet service providers have, throughout the past year, been meeting secretly with the United States and Israeli governments to remove content as well as ban account holders from their sites. More…

Top 5 Stories Buried or Deliberately Ignored by Mainstream Media In 2017

Top 5 Stories Buried or Deliberately Ignored by Mainstream Media In 2017
By Rachel Blevins
Posted January 5, 2018

main stream media losing validityFrom the government’s disregard for civil liberties, to new research showing the power of cannabis, here are the stories the mainstream media missed in 2017

As public trust in the mainstream media continues to fall to a new all-time low each year, it may come as no surprise that the same outlets promising to provide you with “fair and balanced” coverage, are actually censoring truth and feeding you content that is approved by their social interests. However, as social media becomes more prevalent, it is even more obvious when the MSM ignores the most crucial stories.

Here are the top 5 stories the mainstream media missed in 2017: More…

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