Stepping Out of Time – A Supernatural Love Story

Stepping Out of Time – A Supernatural Love Story
by Dr. Alberto Villoldo
Posted February 20, 2017

stepping out of timeThe story I am about to tell you illustrates the fluidity of life as it surges forward and backward, much like the tides, defying what we know as “time.”

I had a dream about my long-deceased father, and it seemed perfectly natural that he was younger than me. My father had come to caution me about an important meeting. Then he vanished, before I could ask him for more details.

The meeting happened two days later. I was walking through a grove of trees on our farm as the sun was setting. I sensed him before I could see him. He was stalking me, stopping when I stopped, yet invisible between the trees. I could feel my heart racing and sweat beading on my palms. The farm is miles away from the nearest town, and it was unusual to meet anyone in the woods. When I reached a clearing, I stopped and sat on a boulder and waited, my pocketknife drawn and open. More…

Creating a Better World

Creating a Better World
by Benjamin J. Urmston
Posted February 20, 2017

building a better worldI agree with Rabbi Michael Lerner that most people are decent even though we all have a violent streak in us springing from excessive fear. A young Indian girl had a dream of a violent wolf and a friendly one. She asked her grandfather the meaning of the dream. He said both wolves are within us. She asked which one would prevail. He answered, “The one you favor and foster.”

I suggest we look at individuals, groups, religions, nations not as enemies but as potential partners. We are all in this world together and we can either learn to live together, or we will die together. Didn’t we work together with Russia and Iran to eliminate chemical weapons in Syria? Our common enemy is neglect of international law and order. Our response to terrorism cannot be limited to military action.

When we think of security, we think of security from external threats to our nation. But there are more kinds of security than freedom from violence as important as the latter is. If we lack economic security, for example, we really are not free. More…

Confronted by Activist Moms, Monsanto CEO Lies to Shareholders

Confronted by Activist Moms, Monsanto CEO Lies to Shareholders
by Christina Sarich
Posted February 19, 2017

Anne Temple and Zen Honeycutt at Monsanto HQTwo mothers from Moms Across America, Anne Temple and Zen Honeycutt, recently attended Monsanto’s stock holder meeting to address some important points they felt the corporation had been missing, such as failing to report deleterious outcomes of continuing their use of Gylphosate and its co-formulants, along with Dicamba, the newly released Xtend and other scientifically-proven toxic chemical herbicides.

Shareholders did not ask questions about the many salient points that Temple and Honeycutt brought up, but instead acted as sheep following their herder, refusing to even make eye contact with the two women who were obviously concerned about the infiltration of breast milk, vaccines, water, and food with Monsanto/Bayer’s chemicals. As they report the events at the meeting, CEO, Hugh Grant’s actions were nothing less than typical, but the shareholders’ response was simply shocking. More…

The Copyright Barons Are Coming. Now’s the Time to Stop Them

The Copyright Barons Are Coming. Now’s the Time to Stop Them
by Josh Tabish
Posted February 18, 2017

corporate copyright baronsFresh on the heels of President Donald Trump’s inauguration, one of the largest pro-copyright lobbies in the United States is asking the newly elected president to increase the powers held by copyright holders.

In a recent letter addressed directly to Trump, the Copyright Alliance— speaking on behalf of high profile members such as the MPAA and RIAA—suggests the President create new digital borders on the internet. experts note that copyright law was originally intended to ensure creators could make a living, in the modern era, its purpose has largely shifted to maximizing profits for media conglomerates. And the Copyright Alliance letter makes clear their desire to see that shift continue.

Their claim stronger rules will “reward creativity” is highly dubious in a world where copyright is used to silence critics, prevent sports fans from filming a match, take down a video of a child dancing to Prince, or otherwise censor speech online. More…

Key to Effective Protesting: Put a Name on the Sign

Key to Effective Protesting: Put a Name on the Sign
By Bernard Starr
Posted February 17, 2017

put a name on the signOne Friday afternoon the Board of Education pay checks for the paraprofessionals, the classroom aids, didn’t arrive. These workers, mostly African-American and Hispanic single mothers from the neighborhood, depended on those checks to feed their families. No wonder they anxiously complained to the principal, whom I will call Mr. Dave to protect his privacy.

Mr. Dave: The checks for the paraprofessionals haven’t arrived. When will they be here?
Board of Ed. agent: We were tied up at meetings and will not be able to get the checks out until next week–Monday or Tuesday.

Mr. Dave: That’s too late. They need the money to live on for the weekend.
Board of Ed. agent: Sorry, but there’s no way we can get the checks out today.

Mr. Dave: These paraprofessionals are upset and angry about this and are saying they will go down to the Board headquarters to protest.
Board of Ed. agent: This is America and they can to do that, but it’s late in the afternoon on Friday. Some people have already left and we can’t do anything about the checks today.

Mr. Dave. They are making up signs right now and intend to protest in front of the Board of Education building.
Board of Ed. agent: Well, again, they are free to do that.

Mr. Dave. One other thing. They are putting your name on the signs.

The checks arrived by courier two hours later. More…

Former CIA Analyst Sues Defense Department to Vindicate NSA Whistleblowers

Former CIA Analyst Sues Defense Department to Vindicate NSA Whistleblowers
by Jenna McLaughlin
Posted February 17, 2017

Thomas Drake sues Defense departmentIn 2010, Thomas Drake, a former senior employee at the National Security Agency, was charged with espionage for speaking to a reporter from the Baltimore Sun about a bloated, dysfunctional intelligence program he believed would violate Americans’ privacy. The case against him eventually fell apart, and he pled guilty to a single misdemeanor, but his career in the NSA was over.

Though Drake was largely vindicated, the central question he raised about technology and privacy has never been resolved. Almost seven years have passed now, but Pat Eddington, a former CIA analyst, is still trying to prove that Drake was right. More…

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