11 Actions Which Indicate You’re Actually Waking Up

11 Actions Which Indicate You’re Actually Waking Up
by Phillip J. Watt
Posted October 18, 2017

are you awakening?Residents of earth are becoming more conscious in two primary areas.

The first relates to the way in which our planetary social system has been hijacked into a scam to predominately benefit a select few at the expense of the rest of us, as well as our natural systems. The second concerns our intimate connection to all of reality, regardless if viewed through an ecological, scientific or metaphysical lens.

These shifts in consciousness are not based on new insights. In our so-called ‘civilized’ history there have always been royal families, aristocrats and the upper echelons of social and corporate structures who have aimed to control local, regional and international populations through whatever means possible, leading to many revolutions. More…

Manipulating the Mass Mind & Attention

Manipulating the Mass Mind & Attention
By Fred Dodson
Posted October 17, 2017

mind manipulationIn my 30 years as a self-improvement coach, the most important insight is that where you put your attention is where your energy goes. If you find that hard to believe, try this: Walk through a crowd. Put your attention on the people. Then walk through the same crowd again and put your attention on the gaps between the people. More of them will now make way. Try it. It never fails. Here’s another experiment: Stand at the corner of any city street and look upwards for a while. You will notice people around you also look upwards. They want to know what you are looking at, and for that brief period you determined the direction of their attention.

If I tell a group of people to think of a red car, there is a great likelihood that all of them will do it. And if I tell them not to think of a red car… they will also think of a red car! They could have chosen to think of a blue mountain instead. From that you realize how easy it is to steer mass attention. More…

Puerto Rico Without Electricity, Wifi, ATMs Shows Importance of Cash, Gold and Silver

Puerto Rico Without Electricity, Wifi, ATMs Shows Importance of Cash, Gold and Silver
By Mark O’Byrne
Posted October 16, 2017

without power, broke even if you have mnoneyPuerto Rico should be a warning to us all. No matter how wealthy your country, how “sophisticated’ your central bankers and central banking system and how technologically advanced your infrastructure, we can all be rendered poor overnight by the power of Mother Nature.

‘Cash Only’ is reportedly a common phrase across many of the retailers on the territory. The majority of gas stations and grocery stores are only accepting cash payments. Citizens have little choice but to try and find cash.

However, shoppers have the same problem retailers do – they can’t get the cash they need. Fewer than half of Puerto Rico’s bank branches and cash machines are up and running, still crippled by diesel shortages, damaged roads and severed communications lines. Bank officials say they are struggling even to find employees who can get to work when there is no public transportation and gasoline is hard to find. More…

This story should serve as a stark warning to all those advocating and embracing the idea of a cashless society.

The Necessity of a Living Wage: When Corporations Don’t Pay, the Public Does

The Necessity of a Living Wage: When Corporations Don’t Pay, the Public Does
By Marilyn Katz
Posted October 16, 2017

when corporations do not pay, the public doesMost people think that programs like Medicaid, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families and subsidized housing typically serve the unemployed. In fact, they are needed and used by individuals who work full-time for employers who don’t pay them enough for the bare necessities of life.

These critical programs cost taxpayers billions of dollars. Of this, $1.098 billion is paid directly by Illinois residents and the rest through federal taxes. This is dramatically higher than the estimated cost of the soda tax that has created so much controversy.

The most well-known beneficiaries are, of course, fast-food companies like McDonald’s or Burger King, which cost Illinois taxpayers an estimated $368 million a year. There is also Walmart, which employs more than 50,000 people in the state for a taxpayer cost of $222 million. More…

Who Are The Controllers?

Who Are The Controllers?
By Mees Baaijen
Posted October 15, 2017

who really controls?In the West, we’ve all been spoon fed the idea that we are free citizens of sovereign countries, where our democratically elected governments rule according to the peoples’ wishes. If that’s not achieved, it’s usually explained as being due to misfortunes such as crises, security threats or wars, or the stupidity of our governments. The few people that doubt these explanations, or even suspect hidden hands behind the occurrences of our time or the official narrative of our history, are easily dismissed as conspiracy nuts.

The banksters’ unimaginable power of deceit turned the truth upside down, making into heroes the very instigators of these destructive wars. How on earth did they manage that? Through control of the mainstream media, science and academia (in particular history and economics), the education system and the entertainment industry. That’s how they shape our perception of the present and the past, and that’s how the majority of people are kept in ignorance of these machinations. When the truth is finally heard, it’s difficult to grasp because the lies are so big, the scope so vast, and the real events of history so different to what we’ve been told. To wake up and accept the truth about the situation, and acknowledge we’ve been duped, most people go through the painful process of cognitive dissonance,9 which is like losing part of your identity. More…

Control 101: Creating Consensus Reality

Control 101: Creating Consensus Reality
By Patrick Henningsen
Posted October 14, 2017

Creating consensus realityBy carefully controlling mainstream media and educational institutions, elite social engineers are able to control the flow of public discourse in order to serve their own goals and interests.

By doing this, they create something akin to ‘consensus reality’. In other words, by controlling the perception of public consensus on any particular issue or event, you effectively control the prevailing reality. A leading example of this social engineering phenomenon today is in the relentless promotion of war and global conflict throughout the media and education systems.

Had journalists and broadcasters done their job and questioned the propaganda that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction; had the lies of George W. Bush and Tony Blair not been amplified and echoed by journalists, the 2003 invasion of Iraq might not have happened, and hundreds of thousands of men, women and children would be alive today. More…

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