US Elections: Neither Free nor Fair

US Elections: Neither Free nor Fair
by Alex Gorka
Posted September 29, 2016

people not the elites are the problemDomestic and international experts rate the US elections as the worst among all Western democracies. According to Electoral Integrity Project, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden are at the top of the ranking, while the US scores 62. The report gathers assessments from over 2,000 experts to evaluate the perceived integrity of all 180 national parliamentary and presidential contests held between July 1, 2012, and Dec. 31, 2015, in 139 countries. The 2014 US congressional elections rank even worse, 65th out of 180 worldwide.

There is a widespread suspicion of the role of money in politics. Regardless of their political affiliation, Americans agree that money has too much influence on the outcome of the vote, the wealthy have more influence on elections, and candidates who win office promote policies that help their donors. More…

Political Assassinations – The “New Normal” Trend Weapon of the Global Elites?

Political Assassinations – The “New Normal” Trend Weapon of the Global Elites?
By Peter Koenig
Posted September 27, 2016

elites use assasination to further their aimsAssassinations to reach an objective is not new for the all-powerful. The practice has been going on at least for centuries, if not for millennia, but it has intensified drastically in the last fifty years, and it is becoming ever bolder, as the rulers of the Anglosphere tighten their grip on humanity – on Mother Earth and her resources. .

They see their end may be nearing. People have increasingly access to alternative sources of news and information, and ever more people gradually start seeing the Big Lie of the controlled media, the propaganda that confuses their minds – and serves the 0.001%.

Assassinations come in handy, when there is a serious roadblock to the advancement of the self-elected rulers of the world – the elusive potentates, who are not just happy with dominating the Anglosphere, the world it must be. These few individuals or families have control over an all-overarching corporate finance kingdom, led by the military-security complex and world banking, spearheaded by the FED-BIS-Wall Street, intimately supported by the IMF and the very “World Bank” itself .More…

Bridgegate’s Enduring Mystery: How Did Port Authority Police Lose Control of the George Washington Bridge?

Bridgegate’s Enduring Mystery: How Did Port Authority Police Lose Control of the George Washington Bridge?
By Robert Hennelly
Posted September 23, 2016

Chris Christie BridgegateSo far, the Bridgegate story has been told through the tit-for-tat prism of partisan politics. The media has myopically focused on what Gov. Chris Christie knew, and when he knew it, about the plot to punish the Democratic mayor of Fort Lee with four days of lane closures on the George Washington Bridge from Sept. 9 to 13.

But the more disturbing public policy concern, left unaddressed, is just how vulnerable the Port Authority was to having one of its most critical assets commandeered by people that prosecutors allege had criminal intent and who managed to gain control over the operations of the George Washington Bridge. As it turns out, its weakest link was its own police department. The alleged partisan revenge plot that the Department of Justice has said crossed the line into criminality, was executed by the Port Authority Police Department that served as the boots on the ground and moved the traffic cones that closed the lanes. More…

Fooled Again

Fooled Again
By Chris Hedges
Posted September 21, 2016

fooled againThe naive hopes of Bernie Sanders’ supporters—to build a grass-roots political movement, change the Democratic Party from within and push Hillary Clinton to the left—have failed. Clinton, aware that the liberal class and the left are not going to mount genuine resistance, is running as Mitt Romney in drag.

The corporate elites across the political spectrum, Republican and Democrat, have gleefully united to anoint her president. All that remains of Sanders’ “revolution” is a 501(c)(4) designed to raise money, including from wealthy, anonymous donors, to ensure that he will be a senator for life. Great historical events happen twice, as Karl Marx quipped, first as tragedy and then as farce. More…

Terrorism: The Product of American Military Policy

Terrorism: The Product of American Military Policy
By Michael Payne
Posted September 19, 2016

see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evilWhen confronted with a serious and complex problem such as terrorism and trying to understand why it is instilling a great deal of fear into this society, it’s very important to identify its root causes: where and when did this deadly threat originate, why is it spreading so rapidly, and what motivates these terrorists?

Well, we don’t have to look very far to find the answers to those questions if we review the history of the U.S. government’s highly aggressive military policies and actions in the Middle East and North Africa over time. This is a situation in which this government and its leaders refuse to acknowledge something that is becoming more and more evident: that they have created the very terrorist groups that they say now threaten our country. They are, in effect, reaping the harvest produced from the seeds of domination and intimidation that they have planted in that region of the world over many decades. More…

False Flag Terror “Has Succeeded Consistently Against Audiences Around The World, For Millennia, To Compel War”

False Flag Terror “Has Succeeded Consistently Against Audiences Around The World, For Millennia, To Compel War”
by Washingtons Blog
Posted September 15, 2016

False flag attacks part of historyThe media plays along as well. For example, in 2012, NBC News’ chief foreign correspondent, Richard Engel, was kidnapped in Syria. NBC News said that Engel and his reporting team had been abducted by forces affiliated with the Syrian government. He reported that they only escaped when some anti-Syrian government rebels killed some of the pro-government kidnappers.

However, NBC subsequently admitted that this was false. It turns out that they were really kidnapped by people associated with the U.S. backed rebels fighting the Syrian government … who wore the clothes of, faked the accent of, scrawled the slogans of, and otherwise falsely impersonated the mannerisms of people associated with the Syrian government. In reality, the group that kidnapped Engel and his crew were affiliated with the U.S.-supported Free Syrian Army. More…

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