The Bailouts for the Rich Are Why America Is So Screwed Right Now

The Bailouts for the Rich Are Why America Is So Screwed Right Now
by Matt Stoller
Posted October 16, 2018

bankers getting their bailoutsDid they prevent a full-scale collapse? Yes. Was it necessary to do it the way we did? Not at all.

It’s worth reflecting on this quote on the ten-year anniversary of the financial crisis, because it speaks to how the architects of the bailouts shaped our culture. Tim Geithner, Ben Bernanke, and Hank Paulson, the three key men in charge, basically argue that the bailouts they executed between 2007 and 2009 were unfair, but necessary to preserve stability. It’s time to ask, though: just what stability did they preserve?

These three men paint the financial crisis largely as a technical one. But let’s not get lost in the fancy terms they use, like “normalization of credit flows,” in discussing what happened and why. The excessively wonky tone is intentional—it’s intended to hide the politics of what happened. So let’s look at what the bailouts actually were, in normal human language. More..

City Kicked Out Their Cops and Politicians 7 Years Ago and Now They Have the Lowest Crime Rates in Mexico

City Kicked Out Their Cops and Politicians 7 Years Ago and Now They Have the Lowest Crime Rates in Mexico
by Derrick Broze
Posted October 15, 2018

corrupt police and politicians kicked outA town in Mexico recently celebrated seven years since kicking out the corrupt narco government and reverting back to an indigenous form of self-governance.

In the town of Cherán, in Michoacán, Mexico, a system of traditional indigenous law-enforcement and accountability continues to guide the people. In early 2011, residents of Cherán created armed militias to fight off illegal logging and drug cartels in their community. The community kicked out politicians and police accused of ties to the drug cartels and began a new system of governance based on Purhépecha traditions.

Seven years later and Cherán has one of the lowest levels of violence in all of Mexico. Quite an accomplishment while living in the violent state of Michoacán. Cherán’s main achievement has been peace. It has the lowest homicide rate in all of Michoacán – and maybe all of Mexico outside of Yucatán. More…

Reflections on Prison National Strike Against Slave Labour

Reflections on Prison National Strike Against Slave Labour
By Barry Sheppard
Posted October 14, 2018

prison nationMost Americans and people around the world do not know that slavery is allowed in prisons by the U.S. Constitution. The Thirteenth Amendment, which ratified the abolition of chattel slavery of African Americans won in the Second American Revolution (Civil War), contained a fatal flaw. It allowed slavery of people convicted of a crime, i.e. prisoners, although not of ownership of them (chattel slavery).

While the Black movement in the 1960s and ‘70s overthrew the Jim Crow system, prison slave labour has continued throughout the country.

The current action by prisoners must be seen as a part of the labour movement, as a movement of part of the working class, whose employment as slaves lowers the wages and conditions of the whole working class. More…

6 Habits of Hope

6 Habits of Hope
by Kate Davies
Posted October 13, 2018

hopeThe first habit of hope I’d like to discuss is being present. This means paying attention to whatever is going on and not getting sidetracked or distracted — in other words, living where life is actually happening rather than in our heads.

To understand the difference between being present and not being present, think of a time when you felt completely alert and aware. What was happening? Where were you? What did you see and hear? Chances are you can probably remember the situation very clearly. Then think of a time when you were completely preoccupied by all the thoughts in your head.

Perhaps you were upset or worried, perhaps you were planning or fantasizing. Perhaps you were blaming someone for something they did, or perhaps you were justifying your own actions. Now ask yourself the same questions. What was happening? Where were you? What did you see and hear? More…

Why The Coordinated Alternative Media Purge Should Terrify Everyone

Why The Coordinated Alternative Media Purge Should Terrify Everyone
by Daisy Luther
Posted October 12, 2018

media purge should scare everyoneYesterday, the alternative media purge was boldly advanced in a coordinated effort to silence people who dissent from establishment views.

It’s just one more step toward a monopoly on information by those who hate freedom. At this rate, they’ll soon have unquestioned access to the minds of more than 2 billion people. And this should terrify everyone who wants to be free to question the status quo and to seek a wide range of information.

Hundreds of alternative media site administrators logged onto Facebook to discover that their accounts had been removed. Soon after, many of these sites and their writers found that their Twitter accounts had also been suspended.

Popular pages like The AntiMedia (2.1 million fans), The Free Thought Project (3.1 million fans), Press for Truth (350K fans), Police the Police (1.9 million fans), Cop Block (1.7 million fans), and Punk Rock Libertarians (125K fans) are just a few of the ones which were unpublished. More…

Pro-Women Groups Keep Independent, Third Party Female Candidates Off Websites

Pro-Women Groups Keep Independent, Third Party Female Candidates Off Websites
by Alexa Mikalaski
Posted October 12, 2018

pro-women groups  ignore female independent candidatesIn the lead up to the 2018 midterms, female candidates running as independents and third parties are shockingly under-represented by organizations who endorse and track women – even those groups who claim to be nonpartisan.

One example is The Center for American Women and Politics that was established in July 1971 at Rutgers University’s Eagleton Institute of Politics. For decades, CAWP has claimed to be “a nonpartisan voice that is central to creating awareness and understanding of women’s political participation.”

However, while combing through CAWP’s information on 2018 female candidates running for U.S. Congress and statewide executive offices, there was no mention of any women running under a third party or independent. More…

Why Public Banks Are Suddenly Popular

Why Public Banks Are Suddenly Popular
By Sarah Jones
Posted October 11, 2018

alternatives to too big to failLater this year, on the midterm ballot, voters in Los Angeles, California, will be asked an uncommon question: Should the city be to allowed to create a public bank?

L.A.’s referendum, which would not itself create a public bank, has attracted the support of left-wing figures like New York congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and filmmaker Michael Moore, in addition to advocates for legalized cannabis. And the idea is gaining traction to other blue cities and states. New Jersey’s Democratic governor, Phil Murphy, campaigned on the creation of a public bank. City officials in Washington, D.C., held a public meeting last month to discuss the possibility. The movement has also spread to New York City and Oakland.

The appeal of public banks extends beyond consumer protection to sound fiscal policy. The argument, as articulated by Demos in a 2011 report, says banks can offer lower debt costs to city and state governments, fund public infrastructure projects, and encourage entrepreneurship by providing loans to small businesses at lower interest rates and with lower fees. More…

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