Why Public Banking is the End Goal of the Divestment Movement

Why Public Banking is the End Goal of the Divestment Movement
by Phoenix Goodman
Posted July 10, 2018

Wall Street banks were funding pipeline projectSomething big is starting to happen in the world of activism. Grassroots campaigns are beginning to coalesce into coherent, focused missions with definable outcomes.

The Divest campaign is a classic example of how the People can have a tangible effect on society by speaking the language of the dominating classes: money.

Divestment is what it sounds like: removing public investments from corporate institutions, and repurposing them into organizations which will benefit the common good. This means leveraging the collective will through mass individual actions to force the perpetrators of corrupt and unscrupulous behavior to directly lose profits; in essence, to divest is to boycott. More…

There Is A Lucrative Espionage Industry For Covering Up The Crimes Of The Rich

There Is A Lucrative Espionage Industry For Covering Up The Crimes Of The Rich
by Caitlin Johnstone
Posted July 9, 2018

Black Cube services for saleWeinstein is not one of the wealthiest men in his country, but even he could afford to hire his own personal army of ex-Mossad intelligence veterans to conduct espionage and psyops to silence his rape victims.

The price tag on this whole operation? The final invoice totaled $600,000. Well within the affordability range of a man like Weinstein, and even considerably less wealthy millionaires if they really needed such services.

I have a hard time imagining anything more evil than a powerful Hollywood elite hiring out ex-Mossad agents to silence his rape victims. It’s the kind of darkness that makes you reconsider your most fundamental beliefs about what humans are and what we’re doing here. As awful as this particular case is, though, what I find far more disturbing is its broader implications. More…

Opposition To GMOs Is Neither Unscientific Nor Immoral

Opposition To GMOs Is Neither Unscientific Nor Immoral
by Charles Eisentein
Posted July 8, 2018

GMO for profitsIn a recent opinion piece – Avoiding GMOs Isn’t Just Anti-science, It’s Immoral – Purdue University president Mitch Daniels offers an impassioned plea that we embrace GMOs in agriculture. Daniels’ argument runs as follows: The health and ecological safety of GMOs is unquestionable “settled science.” Therefore, it is immoral to deny developing countries the agricultural technology they need to boost food production and feed their growing populations. It seems an open-and-shut case: the self-indulgent anti-GMO fad among rich consumers threatens the less fortunate with starvation. As Daniels says, it is immoral for them to “inflict their superstitions on the poor and hungry”.

But let’s look at some of the assumptions that this argument takes for granted: (1) That GMOs are indeed safe, and (2) that GMOs and industrial agriculture in general allow higher yields than more traditional forms of agriculture. More…

The Fiber Future is Cooperative: Policy Brief On Rural Cooperative Fiber Deployment

The Fiber Future is Cooperative: Policy Brief On Rural Cooperative Fiber Deployment
by Hannah Trostle
Posted July 7, 2018

rural America is forming Internet cooperativesRural communities across the United States are already building the Internet infrastructure of the future. Using a 20th century model, rural America is finding a way to tap into high-speed Internet service: electric and telephone cooperatives are bringing next-generation, Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) networks to their service territories.

Farmers first created utility cooperatives because large private companies did not recognize the importance of connecting rural America to electricity or telephone service. Now, these cooperatives are building fiber infrastructure.

Almost all of the 260 telephone cooperatives and 60 electric cooperatives are involved in fiber network projects. As of June 2016, 87 cooperatives offer residential gigabit service (1,000 Mbps) to their members. More…

How Democracy Ended

How Democracy Ended
by Eric Zuesse
Posted July 6, 2018

tow sides of the same coinThe situation in the US was Hillary Clinton’s favorable rating, by Election Day, was 40.3%, her unfavorable was 55.3%. Donald Trump’s favorable was 39.8%, unfavorable was 53.4%. Bernie Sanders, as of the end of the primaries on 29 June 2016, was 50.8% favorable, 39.6% unfavorable, and it has been getting steadily better afterward. But the suckered Democratic Party voters (the ones who were counted, at any rate) voted slightly more for Hillary than for Bernie. Even despite Sanders’s having had support from few if any billionaires, he almost won the Democratic nomination, and that’s remarkable. He might actually have received more votes during the primaries than Hillary did, but we’ll never know.

It was a close election between two candidates, each of whom had far more of the electorate despising him or her than admiring him or her. Neither of the two candidates in the second round was viewed net-favorably by the public. The key round of elimination of the more-attractive candidates, was in the primaries; and, after that, it became merely a choice between uglies in the general election. Any decent (or even nearly decent) person had already been eliminated, by that time. More…

The Long Death of America’s Middle Class

The Long Death of America’s Middle Class
By Nick Giambruno
Posted July 5, 2018

1950s, the middle class was strongestThe late 1950s was the golden age of America’s middle class. This isn’t nostalgia talking. The US really did have robust Main Streets and thriving small businesses. Around then, a husband could support his family on an average income. He and his wife likely owned their own home, as well as their car. They had multiple children—and didn’t think much of the cost of having more. Plus, they had money to save.

Compare that to the average family today. Both spouses likely have to work—whether they want to or not—just to afford the same basic lifestyle. In 1959, the median annual salary for a US high school teacher was $5,276, according to the Department of Labor. Meanwhile, the median US home value was $9,627, according to the US Census Bureau.

That means a teacher made enough money each year to cover over half of the price of a middle-class home. Or 55%, to be exact. Take a minute and think… How does your annual income compare to the price of your home? I’d bet many people make far less than 55%. Today, the median purchase price of a US home is $241,700. To maintain the 1959 income-to-home price ratio, a high school teacher would need to make $132,935 annually. Of course, the average high school teacher doesn’t make nearly that much. Not even close. He or she makes around $48,290—just enough to cover 36% of the median home price. More…

Inside the Barbaric U.S. Industry of Dog Experimentation

Inside the Barbaric U.S. Industry of Dog Experimentation
by Glenn Greenwald and Leighton Akio Woodhouse
Posted July 4, 2018

dogs are tortured for profitDogs bred into life for use or sale as experimentation objects have all the same emotional complexities, sensations of suffering and deprivation, and inbred need for human companionship as household dogs which are loved as pets and members of the family. Yet the legalized cruelty and torture to which man’s best friend is subjected for profit in the U.S. is virtually limitless.

In fact, the majority of dogs bred and sold for experimentation are beagles, which are considered ideal because of their docile, human-trusting personality. In other words, the very traits that have made them such loving and loyal companions to humans are the ones that humans exploit to best manipulate them in labs. More…

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