A Test to See How Brainwashed You Are

A Test to See How Brainwashed You Are
Phillip J. Watt
Posted August 14, 2017

test to determine if you are brainwashedThis test will ascertain if you’re one of the many people who are perfectly designed robots of the system.

Unfortunately, most individuals have no clue about how reality works and are instead engaged in fruitless fighting against each other. How are we meant to wake these people up to the actual reality they live in before we sink into complete totalitarianism?

The first step is to encourage ourselves and others to ask the following questions. If you answer yes to them, you’ve been brainwashed by the status quo. Don’t believe me though; get your serious research on by, you know, reading books, watching documentaries and following the plethora of brilliant social commentators in the alternative media who are handing the people their freedom on a silver platter. More…

The Reign of Propaganda

The Reign of Propaganda
by Paul Craig Roberts
Posted August 13, 2017

US hypocracyMasters of propaganda from its inventor, Jewish public relations expert Edward Louis James Bernays, to the Nazi Minister of Propaganda Paul Joseph Goebbels, agree that a lie can be turned into truth by constant repetition.

As Bernays and Goebbels knew, one good propagandist can control the opinion of the targeted group, whether it is a gender or a nation.

Initially for Benays the targeted group was American women. As a propagandist for an American tobacco company, “the father of spin” promoted female smoking as a sign of feminist independence. He called cigarettes “Torches of Freedom.” He also provided the propaganda that enabled the United Fruit Company to have the US Government overthrow the elected government of Guatemala in 1954.

Goebbels turned Germans into servants of the Third Reich, an accomplishment the neoconservatives have yet to attain in the United States, but they are still working at it. More…

The Outside and the Inside

The Outside and the Inside
by Zen Gardner
Posted August 12, 2017

outsiderAre You a True Outcast? If so, treasure it. In fact cherish it. There’s freedom there. You don’t want to be “accepted” or on the inside of any confinement system in this low dimension. In fact, just about everything we experience in this realm of limitation is a potential trap, no matter how innocuous anything may seem. Anything that limits or even hints at conditions and restrictions, watch out. If it encloses, encircles, is conditional and draws unnecessary boundaries, it’s not your friend and it’s time to make tracks outta there.

It’s just another control system within the overarching control matrix, no matter how cleverly disguised. We draw these conditions upon our unawakened selves. Layers upon layers of them. But we’re getting there as we work our way out of the cocoon we were born into and our wings of truly awakened flight develop. More…

Empire of Destruction

Empire of Destruction
By Tom Engelhardt
Posted August 11, 2017

destruction follows US intereventionsIn the 15-plus years since 9/11, parts of an expanding swathe of the planet — from Pakistan’s borderlands in South Asia to Libya in North Africa — were catastrophically unsettled. Tiny groups of Islamic terrorists multiplied exponentially into both local and transnational organizations, spreading across the region with the help of American “precision” warfare and the anger it stirred among helpless civilian populations. States began to totter or fail. Countries essentially collapsed, loosing a tide of refugees on the world, as year after year, the U.S. military, its Special Operations forces, and the CIA were increasingly deployed in one fashion or another in one country after another.

Though in case after case the results were visibly disastrous, like so many addicts, the three post-9/11 administrations in Washington seemed incapable of drawing the obvious conclusions and instead continued to do more of the same (with modest adjustments of one sort of another). The results, unsurprisingly enough, were similarly disappointing or disastrous. More…

This Massachusetts Town Shows What a Sustainable Economy Looks Like

This Massachusetts Town Shows What a Sustainable Economy Looks Like
By Aaron Fernando
Posted August 10, 2017

sustainable communitiesFor more than three decades, the town of Great Barrington, Massachusetts, has quietly demonstrated how grassroots, sustainable, and human-centric projects could easily become the building blocks of the next economy. One organic farm in particular has been a shining example of how economic systems that take human and environmental needs into account could uplift communities. The Indian Line Farm combines community-supported farming that provides organic produce to local residents, a community land trust that guards against land speculation, and a community currency that systematically increases regional economic resilience.

The farm allows residents of Great Barrington to share in the risks and bounties of the organic farm by pre-paying for farm produce with either U.S. dollars or BerkShares, the regional currency. By lowering the risks and costs of farming while building regional resilience, Great Barrington residents are building a model of a sustainable economy. More…

Judge’s Ruling on Standing Rock a Second Chance for Justice

Judge’s Ruling on Standing Rock a Second Chance for Justice
by Mark Trahant
Posted August 9, 2017

militarized police protecting corporate interestsTo enforce the so-called rule of law, virtual armies were sent in to arrest hundreds of people for speaking out. And today the county continues to cloud people’s lives, even manipulating the prosecution to ensure a guilty outcome without trial.

But here’s the thing: The Petrostate of North Dakota lost the rule of law argument a long time ago.

It lost the debate when investigative reports showed that the state colluded with the company’s hired thugs to turn a powerful, beautiful, and nonviolent protest into a “jihadist” moment. “As policing continues to be militarized, and state legislatures around the country pass laws criminalizing protest, the fact that a private security firm retained by a Fortune 500 oil and gas company coordinated its efforts with local, state, and federal law enforcement to undermine the protest movement has profoundly anti-democratic implications,” as reported by The Intercept last month. More…

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