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The War on Assange Is a War on Press Freedom

The War on Assange Is a War on Press Freedom
by Chris Hedges
Posted September 2, 2018

war on press freedomThe failure on the part of establishment media to defend Julian Assange, who has been trapped in the Ecuadorean Embassy in London since 2012, has been denied communication with the outside world since March and appears to be facing imminent expulsion and arrest, is astonishing. The extradition of the publisher—the maniacal goal of the U.S. government—would set a legal precedent that would criminalize any journalistic oversight or investigation of the corporate state.

It would turn leaks and whistleblowing into treason. It would shroud in total secrecy the actions of the ruling global elites. If Assange is extradited to the United States and sentenced, The New York Times, The Washington Post and every other media organization, no matter how tepid their coverage of the corporate state, would be subject to the same draconian censorship. Under the precedent set, Donald Trump’s Supreme Court would enthusiastically uphold the arrest and imprisonment of any publisher, editor or reporter in the name of national security. More…

America’s One-sided Domestic Financial War

America’s One-sided Domestic Financial War
By Raymond Matison
Posted September 1, 2018

all wars are banker warsDomestically, there are two institutions which are capable of starting, executing, and managing a domestic or a global financial war. The first is the Federal Reserve System, which with its banks has the unfettered power to print money, create credit, and set interest rates. The second is our own government which through its elected officials sets foreign policy that includes its demonstrated power to influence foreign elections, covertly remove uncooperative foreign leaders from office, and to wage war both physical and financial without any formal declarations.

America’s participation in the Korean War over seventy years ago was defined as a police action rather than a war which would have required Congressional approval, and conflicts since then have mostly eluded the requirement for congressional approval. However, no financial war has required a formal declaration nor Congressional approval, as they are initiated against any targeted country without visible bloodshed, frequently on a clandestine basis. More…

Big Pharma and the Rise of Gangster Capitalism

Big Pharma and the Rise of Gangster Capitalism
by Charles Hugh Smith
Posted August 31, 2018

big pharma gouging$8 per vial in competing developed-world nations and $38,892 in the U.S. That says it all.

Thanks to decades of gangster films, we all know how gangster capitalism works: the cost of “protection” goes up whenever the gangster wants to increase revenues, any competition is snuffed out, and “customer demand” is jacked up by any means available– addiction, for example.

This perfectly describes the pharmaceutical industry and every other cartel in America. You might have read about the price increase in Acthar gel, a medication to treat Infantile Spasms. (via J.F., M.D., who alerted me to the repricing of this medication from $40 in 2001 to the current price of $38,892.)
The compound first received approval in 1950, and various branded versions have been approved in recent years. Let’s be clear: this medication did not require billions of dollars in research and development, or decades of testing to obtain FDA approval; it’s been approved for use for the past 68 years. More…

Ranked Choice Voting Draws Historic Voter Turnout in 2018 Midterms

Ranked Choice Voting Draws Historic Voter Turnout in 2018 Midterms
by Rob Richie
Posted August 30, 2018

ranked choice voting worksIn the first half of 2018, nearly half a million voters ranked their choices in elections for the most important offices in their communities. Voters in Santa Fe, New Mexico elected their first full-time mayor, voters in San Francisco elected their mayor in a hotly-contested special, and voters in Maine ranked their choices in state and congressional primary elections – and then convincingly upheld ranked choice voting (RCV) in a statewide referendum.

We’ve now seen RCV in action enough to know it works. Looking at the 2018 results shows:

-Voter turnout surpassed expectations.
-Implementation of RCV was smooth and inexpensive.
-Voters used the ballot well, ranking their choices and making few errors.
-Outcomes were fair, with winners earn both core and broad support. More…

The Importance of Quiet Time

The Importance of Quiet Time
by Alan Lightman
Posted August 29, 2018

quiet timeThe destruction of our inner selves via the wired world is an even more recent, and more subtle, phenomenon. The loss of slowness, of time for reflection and contemplation, of privacy and solitude, of silence, of the ability to sit quietly in a chair for fifteen minutes without external stimulation — all have happened quickly and almost invisibly. A hundred and fifty years ago, the telephone didn’t exist. Fifty years ago, the Internet didn’t exist. Twenty-five years ago, Google didn’t exist.

The situation is dire. Just as with global warming, we may already be near the point of no return. Invisibly, almost without notice, we are losing ourselves. We are losing our ability to know who we are and what is important to us. We are creating a global machine in which each of us is a mindless and reflexive cog, relentlessly driven by the speed, noise, and artificial urgency of the wired world. More….

Billionaire Wolves in Workers’ Clothing

Billionaire Wolves in Workers’ Clothing
By Leo Gerard
Posted August 28, 2018

starving the unionsMultimillionaire Bruce Rauner, the Republican Governor of Illinois, just couldn’t wait to tell his state’s workers the U.S. Supreme Court had given them what he considered a gift.

Within hours of the court’s ruling in the Janus case, Rauner emailed Illinois state workers to tell them the decision meant they no longer needed to pay either dues or fair share fees to their labor union but the union would still be required to represent them.

What a deal! Free service! And it was brought to them by Rauner! The governor had filed the lawsuit that led to the Janus decision. When a court tossed him as plaintiff, the right-wing foundations whose billionaire donors paid for the lawsuit drummed up replacement plaintiffs including Mark Janus. He’s an Illinois child support worker who refused to join the union and pay dues and who didn’t even want to pay the smaller fair share fee of $45 a month charged to non-members to cover the union’s costs of bargaining for them. More…

A New World Order: Brought to You by the Global-Industrial Deep State

A New World Order: Brought to You by the Global-Industrial Deep State
By John W. Whitehead
Posted August 27, 2018

deep state complexGiven all that we know about the U.S. government—that it treats its citizens like faceless statistics and economic units to be bought, sold, bartered, traded, and tracked; that it repeatedly lies, cheats, steals, spies, kills, maims, enslaves, breaks the laws, overreaches its authority, and abuses its power at almost every turn; and that it wages wars for profit, jails its own people for profit, and has no qualms about spreading its reign of terror abroad—it is not a stretch to suggest that the government has been overtaken by global industrialists, a new world order, that do not have our best interests at heart.

Indeed, to anyone who’s been paying attention to the goings-on in the world, it is increasingly obvious that we’re already under a new world order, and it is being brought to you by the Global-Industrial Deep State, a powerful cabal made up of international government agencies and corporations. More…


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