Without Proof or Cause or Consent, ‘Impetuous’ Trump Bombs Syria

Without Proof or Cause or Consent, ‘Impetuous’ Trump Bombs Syria
by Jon Queally
Posted April 7, 2017

the US is now strating another war“The impetuousness of this bombing campaign – its impulsiveness – is stunning even by US war-loving standards. “ Glenn Greenwald

Without consent of the U.S. Congress or presenting a credible case for its necessity or offering verifiable evidence of charges levied against the government of President Bashar al-Assad, President Donald Trump on Thursday night launched more than 50 cruise missiles against Syria in what he said was retaliation for a deadly chemical weapons attack earlier this week.

While the United Nations members have called for a full and thorough investigation into the use of chemical weapons in Syria, Trump did not wait for that probe to even begin before coming to his conclusion and reacting with military force. More…

[Political] Trump is Obama’s Legacy. Will this Break up the Democratic Party?

Trump is Obama’s Legacy. Will this Break up the Democratic Party?
By Michael Hudson
Posted April 7, 2017

Trump is Obama's legacyThe Democratic Party has lost its ability to pose as the party of labor and the middle class. Firmly controlled by Wall Street and California billionaires, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) strategy of identity politics encourages any identity except that of wage earners. The candidates backed by the Donor Class have been Blue Dogs pledged to promote Wall Street and neocons urging a New Cold War with Russia.

They preferred to lose with Hillary than to win behind Bernie Sanders. So Trump’s electoral victory is their legacy as well as Obama’s. Instead of Trump’s victory dispelling that strategy, the Democrats are doubling down. It is as if identity politics is all they have.

Trying to ride on Barack Obama’s coattails didn’t work. Promising “hope and change,” he won by posing as a transformational president, leading the Democrats to control of the White House, Senate and Congress in 2008. Swept into office by a national reaction against the George Bush’s Oil War in Iraq and the junk-mortgage crisis that left the economy debt-ridden, they had free rein to pass whatever new laws they chose – even a Public Option in health care if they had wanted, or make Wall Street banks absorb the losses from their bad and often fraudulent loans. More…

Real Freedom Through Food and Water Self-Sufficiency

Real Freedom Through Food and Water Self-Sufficiency
by Paul A. Phillips
Posted April 6, 2017

real freedom through self sufficiencyIn recent years a number of practical, innovative methodologies for cultivating and harvesting food and water have arisen. These small setups have allowed individuals and groups to be independent and self-sufficient.

They offer healthier alternative lifestyles to our electronic-based daily existences allowing us to connect to Mother Nature. Further, they provide alternatives to the big food and big agricultural corporate-based profit-driven owned and controlled industrial monocultures with their health and life-threatening toxins:

These food and agricultural mega-corporations with their mass-produced junk foods, synthetic pesticide toxins and genetically modified crops causing diseases and allergies, threatening species diversity and ecosystems… have failed to save the world. -If allowed to go on they could bring disastrous consequences for all of us. More…

What It Takes to Change Hearts and Minds

What It Takes to Change Hearts and Minds
By Colin Beavan
Posted April 5, 2017

it takes more than facts to change a person's heartTo get someone’s support, you need more than just facts. Some years ago, the communications psychologist John Marshall Roberts said at a talk I attended that there are three ways of converting people to a cause: by threat of force, by intellectual argument, and by inspiration.

The most effective of these methods, Roberts said, is aligning communication about your cause with the most deeply-held values and aspirations of your friends, relatives, neighbors, and fellow citizens. To get people’s total, lasting, and unwavering support, in other words, we should try neither to cajole them judgmentally nor convince them forcefully. We should inspire them toward a vision that they—not we—can really care about.

Which points to the potential problem of blindly using facts and science—be it climate science or demographic science—to “prove” the righteousness of our causes. Research shows that people tend to embrace data that support their life views and reject data that refute them. More…

The Kagans Are Back; Wars to Follow

The Kagans Are Back; Wars to Follow
by Robert Parry
Posted April 4, 2017

The Kagans want warThe Kagan family, America’s neoconservative aristocracy, has reemerged having recovered from the letdown over not gaining its expected influence from the election of Hillary Clinton and from its loss of official power at the start of the Trump presidency.

Former Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs Victoria Nuland, who pushed for the Ukraine coup and helped pick the post-coup leaders. (She is the wife of neocon theorist Robert Kagan.)

Back pontificating on prominent op-ed pages, the Family Kagan now is pushing for an expanded U.S. military invasion of Syria and baiting Republicans for not joining more enthusiastically in the anti-Russian witch hunt over Moscow’s alleged help in electing Donald Trump.

In a Washington Post op-ed on March 7, Robert Kagan, a co-founder of the Project for the New American Century and a key architect of the Iraq War, jabbed at Republicans for serving as “Russia’s accomplices after the fact” by not investigating more aggressively. More…

Small Acts of Scientific Civil Disobedience

Small Acts of Scientific Civil Disobedience
by Margaret Beaton
Posted April 3, 2017

why is science behind a paywall?Big science publications put important peer-reviewed research behind expensive paywalls. But some scientists have found creative ways around them. Traditionally, scientists publish their findings in peer-reviewed academic journals in order to share their research with peers and with the wider public. These publications range in scope from behemoths like Science and Nature to more niche journals like Aquatic Toxicology or the Journal of Number Theory. The vast majority of these publications are behind paywalls, and access to individual articles can cost $20 to $40.

The website Sci-Hub enables users to search for and download journal content directly, bypassing publisher paywalls. Over 19 million cumulative users access hundreds of thousands of articles each day through Sci-Hub. The site has been compared to the music sharing service Napster and, just like Napster, is being hit by lawsuits from publishers; publishing giant Elsevier won an injunction against the site last year. For now, Sci-Hub’s founder (a graduate student) refuses to shut it down. More…

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