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3 Candidates on Maryland US Senate Ballot, Only 2 Were Allowed to Debate

3 Candidates on Maryland US Senate Ballot, Only 2 Were Allowed to Debate

This video provides a perfect example of how “our” democracy is being controlled by the corporate media. Things start to get interesting at around 5:30.

The fact that a candidate can be on the ballot and excluded from the debate shows just how far the corporatocracy has its tentacles into our electoral process. Even the educational institutions of the Univ of Balitmore and the College for Public Affairs were party to this censoring of voices and narrowing of choices. Makes one wonder exactly what sort of values they are teaching to their students and our future leaders.

The Modern History of ‘Rigged’ US Elections

The Modern History of ‘Rigged’ US Elections
By Robert Parry
Posted October 29, 2016

Nixon-KissingerThe United States is so committed to the notion that its electoral process is the world’s “gold standard” that there has been a bipartisan determination to maintain the fiction even when evidence is overwhelming that a U.S. presidential election has been manipulated or stolen. The “wise men” of the system simply insist otherwise.

We have seen this behavior when there are serious questions of vote tampering (as in Election 1960) or when a challenger apparently exploits a foreign crisis to create an advantage over the incumbent (as in Elections 1968 and 1980) or when the citizens’ judgment is overturned by judges (as in Election 2000). More…

Why This Election Is All About Wall Street

Why This Election Is All About Wall Street
By Pam Martens and Russ Martens
Posted October 22, 2016

Warren calls for Mary Jo White's resignationObama’s choice for U.S. Attorney General, Eric Holder, came from the law firm Covington & Burling which had fronted for Big Tobacco for decades and directly engaged in misleading the public about the devastating health impacts from smoking, according to a Federal court decision.

Then Obama remained silent as the Justice Department failed to indict any Wall Street bank executives for the crimes leading up to the financial crash in 2008. As the PBS program Frontline reported, there were no subpoenas, no wiretaps, no investigations involving Wall Street banks at the Justice Department. More…

WikiLeaks’ October Surprise Explains Why Assange Was Just Silenced

WikiLeaks’ October Surprise Explains Why Assange Was Just Silenced
By Claire Bernish
Posted October 21, 2016

JUlian Assange reports the truthEach of these stunning disclosures gives Wikileaks and Julian Assange sufficient concern to consider himself a marked man. Wikileaks continues dropping bombshell revelations in its coordinated October Surprise of documents and emails hacked from Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta — so many, in fact, it has been difficult to keep up. Damning best describes information released so far — damning not only for Clinton, but countless top U.S. politicians, officials, the FBI, the State Department, President Obama, corporate media, Big Banks, and nearly innumerable others.

For all intents and purposes, the sheer volume of damaging information should, theoretically, lay waste to Clinton’s bid for the presidency — if not land her behind bars. More…

The Elephant in the Room: What Trump, Clinton, and Even Stein Are Missing

The Elephant in the Room: What Trump, Clinton, and Even Stein Are Missing
by David Korten
Posted October 18, 2016

Corporate cancer has taken overIn this most bizarre of presidential elections, no one is talking about one of the biggest—if not the biggest—issues of our time. Namely, the global power imbalance between corporations and governments.

Earth is dying. A few hundred billionaires are consolidating their control of the Earth’s remaining real wealth. The healthy function of society requires that governments be accountable to the electorate and that corporations in turn be accountable to democratic governments. Our ability to deal with every other issue of our time—from climate disruption to inequality to violence—depends on that accountability. More…

New Gallup Poll Shows 57% of Americans Want a Major 3rd Party

New Gallup Poll Shows 57% of Americans Want a Major 3rd Party
by Michael Krieger
Posted October 13, 2016

illusion of choiceThere’s good news and bad news in the latest Gallup poll on Americans’ desire for a major 3rd Party.

The good news is that at 57%, this is the highest demand we’ve seen during any recent Presidential election year. The bad news is that we’ve seen levels this high before. Additionally, this desire for a 3rd Party doesn’t actually translate into massive third party support when it comes time to actually voting. More…

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