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Political Articles from 2016

Finally, The Clearest Evidence That Shows How Money Shapes America’s Elections

Finally, The Clearest Evidence That Shows How Money Shapes America’s Elections
By Lynn Parramore
Posted September 2016

money creates our lawsOutrage over how big money influences American politics has been boiling over this political season, energizing the campaigns of GOP nominee Donald Trump and former Democratic candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders alike. Citizens have long suspected that “We the People” increasingly means “We the Rich” at election time.

Yet surprisingly, two generations of social scientists have insisted that wallets don’t matter that much in American politics. Elections are really about giving the people what they want. Money, they claim, has negligible impact on elections. More…

America Created Al-Qaeda and the ISIS Terror Group

America Created Al-Qaeda and the ISIS Terror Group
By Garikai Chengu
Posted September 1, 2016

ISIS and Al-Queda created by the U.S.Much like Al Qaeda, the Islamic State (ISIS) is made-in-the-USA, an instrument of terror designed to divide and conquer the oil-rich Middle East and to counter Iran’s growing influence in the region. The fact that the United States has a long and torrid history of backing terrorist groups will surprise only those who watch the news and ignore history.

The CIA first aligned itself with extremist Islam during the Cold War era. Back then, America saw the world in rather simple terms: on one side, the Soviet Union and Third World nationalism, which America regarded as a Soviet tool; on the other side, Western nations and militant political Islam, which America considered an ally in the struggle against the Soviet Union. More…

Why I’m Worried America’s next President Will Kill Julian Assange

Why I’m Worried America’s next President Will Kill Julian Assange
by Jake Anderson
Posted August 31, 2016

speaker of truthI’m worried about Julian Assange. This is not a maternal instinct, but rather, a pragmatic one. The increasingly hostile statements made by top state officials and their surrogates show a widespread condemnation of whistleblowers in the halls of government. President Obama set the tone early in his administration.

In the case of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, the rhetoric goes well beyond condemnation of methodology and straight to advocating for his brutal murder. The transition from authorities’ vows of prosecution to their use of surrogates who openly call for Assange’s assassination is highly disturbing, to say the least. More…

Presidential Debates: A Fraud on the American Voter?

Presidential Debates: A Fraud on the American Voter?
By Joan Brunwasser
Posted August 30, 2016

presidential debates are a fraudMaybe the biggest problem with the presidential debates is that the organization running them was forged in sin, so to speak. While official-sounding, the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) was jointly created by Democrats and Republicans in 1987 in order to kick out the nonpartisan League of Women Voters, which had been sponsoring the debates since 1976.

With debates regularly attracting over 50 million viewers, the two parties didn’t want the independent League running them and determining whether third party candidates could participate. So the Democrats and Republicans replaced the League with the bipartisan CPD, giving their nominees a greater say over virtually every aspect of the debates. The resulting debates were not uniformly well-received. CBS anchorman Walter Cronkite called them “phony, part of an unconscionable fraud.” And the League ceased any involvement so as to avoid “becoming an accessory to the hoodwinking of the American public.” More…

The EpiPen Scandal Is Worse Than You Think: What You’re Not Being Told

The EpiPen Scandal Is Worse Than You Think: What You’re Not Being Told
by Alice Salles
Posted August 29, 2016

icons of greedThe EpiPen is a useful device for individuals who suffer from severe allergies. So when news broke that Mylan, the sole maker of the autoinjector “pens” in America, had hiked the prices of its products from $57 each in 2007 to $600 for a package of two in 2016, news outlets had a field day. Promptly after, politicians seized the opportunity to bank on this crisis by promising to “do something.”

Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton urged Mylan to voluntarily slash the prices of its products while promising that, once she’s elected, her “plan to address exorbitant drug price hikes like these” will be finally implemented. This is a particularly empty promise considering Mylan has donated between $100,000 and $250,000 to the Clinton Foundation, which was recently revealed to be peddling influence in exchange for cash. More…

Time to Call out the Fraud Perpetrated by the Commission on Presidential Debates

Time to Call out the Fraud Perpetrated by the Commission on Presidential Debates
by Rob Kall
Posted August 27, 2016

open debates to 3rd party candidatesThere’s a discussion going on about opening the presidential debates to third party candidates. Currently, there are several efforts to open the presidential debates to third party candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein. The Commission on Presidential Debates has set an arbitrary 15% polling level requirement for candidates to be included. This is a pathological symptom of the take-over of the democratic process by the corporate owned mainstream media. The truth is, the current presidential debate system is a fraud in many ways.

The sham model of basing inclusion in debates on polling is exposed as a fraud by the fact that the specified polling organizations the results are to be based upon are not even including the candidates in the polls. More…

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