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The False Flag Formula – 15 Ways to Detect a False Flag Operation

The False Flag Formula – 15 Ways to Detect a False Flag Operation
by Makia Freeman
Posted January 14, 2018

is the terror level real?A false flag formula is becoming readily apparent in the face of so many mass shootings and bombings in the US. The phenomenon has become so commonplace in the last 3 years that it’s becoming more American than apple pie. According to ShootingTracker.com, there have been 353 mass shootings in the USA for 2015 so far. However, as scary as that number is, the good news is that you don’t have to be afraid of them like you may think. A very large number of them – and all of them with any mass media significance and attention – are false flag staged terror events.

Some have real victims, some do not, but either way, the most criminal of all institutions – the Government – is the orchestrating force behind them. They are scripted, pre-planned operations which are definitely not the result of random gun violence. Just as Obama stated (by hiding the truth in plain sight), there is a pattern behind these mass shootings. The Controllers are following a definite false flag formula. Below is a list of the top 15 elements of this formula, which you can now use to detect a false flag operation as it occurs: More…

A Brief History of the New World Order

A Brief History of the New World Order
By Richard K. Moore
Posted January 14, 2018

brief history of the New World OrderWWI was the epochal event that began an identifiable program toward a new world order, a single global hierarchy, controlling all global affairs, under the control of elite financiers.

The British Empire represented the ultimate evolution of one particular path to global dominance: a single hegemonic power, playing off other powers against one another in a balance of powers strategy.

Certain mechanisms of power were perfected in this era. I refer to the integration of propaganda, racism, intelligence operations, covert intervention, diplomacy, financial manipulation, and naked military power — all orchestrated, with considerable art and brutality, in the pursuit of imperialist objectives. More…

There Are Now So Many Admissions by Government Officials of False Flag Terror

There Are Now So Many Admissions by Government Officials of False Flag Terror
by WashingtonsBlog
Posted January 13, 2018

false flag attacks are realThere are now so many admissions by government officials of false flag terror that only the willfully ignorant still doubt the reality of the concept.

Although the FBI now admits that the 2001 anthrax attacks were carried out by one or more U.S. government scientists, a senior FBI official says that the FBI was actually told to blame the Anthrax attacks on Al Qaeda by White House officials (remember what the anthrax letters looked like). Government officials also confirm that the white House tried to link the anthrax to Iraq as a justification for regime change in that country.

Undercover Israeli soldiers admitted in 2005 to throwing stones at other Israeli soldiers so they could blame it on Palestinians, as an excuse to crack down on peaceful protests by the Palestinians.

Quebec police admitted that, in 2007, thugs carrying rocks to a peaceful protest were actually undercover Quebec police officers (and see this). Much More…

Wall Street Bank with Three Felonies Sends Employee to Head SEC Trading Division

Wall Street Bank with Three Felonies Sends Employee to Head SEC Trading Division
By Pam Martens and Russ Martens
Posted January 12, 2018

Bret RedfearnThe arrogance of the captured Wall Street regulators in Washington grows exponentially with each passing day.

The only Wall Street bank which has admitted to three criminal felony charges – all coming within the past three years – has been allowed to send one of its trading executives to head a key post at Wall Street’s top cop – the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Failing up continues to be the business model in the nation’s capitol.

The Trump administration, in its continuing Swamp-filling mandate from the billionaires behind the dark curtain, has elevated Brett Redfearn as Director of the Division of Trading and Markets at the SEC. Redfearn has worked at JPMorgan Securities from November 2004 to October 2017 when he was named to the new SEC post. More…

The U.S. is Not a Democracy, It Never Was

The U.S. is Not a Democracy, It Never Was
by Gabriel Rockhill
Posted January 11, 2018

The US was never a democracyOne of the most steadfast beliefs regarding the United States is that it is a democracy. Whenever this conviction waivers slightly, it is almost always to point out detrimental exceptions to core American values or foundational principles. For instance, aspiring critics frequently bemoan a “loss of democracy” due to the election of clownish autocrats, draconian measures on the part of the state, the revelation of extraordinary malfeasance or corruption, deadly foreign interventions, or other such activities that are considered undemocratic exceptions.

The same is true for those whose critical framework consists in always juxtaposing the actions of the U.S. government to its founding principles, highlighting the contradiction between the two and clearly placing hope in its potential resolution.

The problem, however, is that there is no contradiction or supposed loss of democracy because the United States simply never was one. This is a difficult reality for many people to confront, and they are likely more inclined to immediately dismiss such a claim as preposterous rather than take the time to scrutinize the material historical record in order to see for themselves. More…

Sixteen Year Old Ahed Tamimi Offers Israelis a Lesson Worthy of Gandhi

Sixteen Year Old Ahed Tamimi Offers Israelis a Lesson Worthy of Gandhi
By Jonathan Cook
Posted January 10, 2018

Sixteen-year-old why is Israel so afrid of this 16 year old?Ahed Tamimi may not be what Israelis had in mind when, over many years, they criticized Palestinians for not producing a Mahatma Gandhi or Nelson Mandela.

Eventually, colonised peoples bring to the fore a figure best suited to challenge the rotten values at the core of the society oppressing them. Ahed is well qualified for the task.

She was charged last week with assault and incitement after she slapped two heavily armed Israeli soldiers as they refused to leave the courtyard of her family home in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh, near Ramallah. Her mother, Nariman, is in detention for filming the incident. The video quickly went viral.

Ahed lashed out shortly after soldiers nearby shot her 15-year-old cousin in the face, seriously injuring him. More…

The sad irony of Israel, a people who have suffered at the hands of tyrants so much over history, now become the tyrants.

INCREDIBLE: Third Party, Independent Representation Up 40% Since 2014

INCREDIBLE:Third Party, Independent Representation Up 40% Since 2014
by John E. Palmer
Posted January 8, 2018

3rd parties are making limited headwayVoter distaste for both the Democratic Party and GOP seems to be at an all-time high. But candidate success outside the major parties remains elusive in Washington.

All 435 members in the U.S. House of Representatives are Democrats or Republicans. Across the Capitol, there are two of 100 senators with “(I)” after their names — Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont and Sen. Angus King of Maine.

But wait, there is another pool to look at. State legislatures are the farm teams to the Washington’s big leagues. Does the two-party duopoly hold consistently there, too?

The short answer is a definitive YES, but there are some states — particularly in New England — that are leading growth in independent and third party representation. More…

Plaintiffs Shred FEC’s Defense of Debate Commission

Plaintiffs Shred FEC’s Defense of Debate Commission
by Shawn M. Griffiths
Posted January 7, 2018

Commission on Presidential Debates excludes 3rd partiesLevel the Playing Field filed new documents in their case against the “nonpartisan” Commission on Presidential Debates. Among them is a brief that includes a blistering response to the FEC’s argument that the CPD — as an organization — doesn’t have a conflict of interest, even though the majority of its board is made up of high-powered Democratic and Republican insiders.

Plaintiffs in Level the Playing Field, et. al. v. FEC say the federal commission has ignored a “mountain of evidence” against the CPD, has misled the court in its defense of the debate commission, and has allowed the CPD to exercise “unchecked power to decide who may participate in the presidential debates.”

“[The CPD] has abused that power by erecting insurmountable obstacles that ensure only Republican and Democratic candidates will be invited,” plaintiffs write in their latest memorandum. More…

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