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Meet the 12-year-old activist taking politicians to task over climate change

Meet the 12-year-old activist taking politicians to task over climate change
By Jessica Kutz
Posted July 10, 2019

12 year old challenges politician on climate changeEvery Friday since the beginning of this year, bundled in a burnt-orange puffy jacket, 12-year-old Haven Coleman has protested climate change in front of government buildings and business storefronts in Denver, Colorado. The reactions are mixed. Last week, a man flipped her off through his rolled-down window; other times, people shout words of encouragement or give a thumbs-up.

Balancing school and planning a national strike can be challenging — to say the least — for a seventh-grader. She caught some flak from a teacher when she missed a math-tutoring session; she’d gotten stranded on a planning phone call with her climate strike co-leaders. When she tried to explain that she had just started the U.S. version of a European climate action movement, her teacher responded by telling her, “You better get your priorities together.” Coleman has missed several days of school to attend rallies in D.C. and speak at climate change events, but for the most part, she tries to balance school with her activism. On her Friday strikes, she squeezes in her protests early in the mornings or during lunch, though sometimes she ends up a little late for her classes. More…

What Does July 4th Really Mean?

What Does July 4th Really Mean?
by Marianne Williamson
Posted July 8, 2019

Marriane talking about meaning of July 4thWhat a delight to hear a candidate talk candidly and honestly about what needs to happen to heal the country and move it forward into the future. She chose to give this on July 4th, because as a nation we have lost the true meaning of that day and what it really meant at that time and what it means today.

Marianne talks about the history of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and what those documents and the movements that made them possible meant to that generation and what it means to this generation. She considers the major transformational movements that have taken place in this nation when there were serious issues that needed to be dealt with: the Revolutionary Movement, Abolition, Women’s Suffrage, and the Civil Rights Movement, and how each affected the generations that launched and participated in those movements. Then she describes how now it is this generation’s turn and duty to launch its own movement. Her message is one of hope and a call to action.

She warns us about focusing on the symptoms of problems rather than the root causes. She outlines how money has totally corrupted the system and how this is a key root cause of many of our problems. Both political parties have to share the responsibility for this happening and for not moving decisively to eliminate this growing cancer on our system. For a political candidate, there was very little political content with the focus on social and economic problems and solutions on how to deal with them.

I found it amazing that Marianne could speak all this time, never missing a beat and yet using no notes, no teleprompters, no presentations, no reminders, and no scripts. This is someone who truly believes what she says and speaks from the heart.

You owe it to yourself just to listen and make up your own mind on your thoughts about her message. Watch here…

Improving The Debates

Improving The Debates
by Rudy Avizius
Posted June 30, 2019

2019 Democratic Presidential debatesI decided to watch the 2 Democratic Party debates, and came away feeling rather depressed. These “debates” clearly illustrate the problem with the media when it comes to informing people.

While I recognize that it was the DNC that decided that rather than have more debates with fewer candidates participating in each, the manner in which the corporate media handled and moderated these “debates” left their audiences with little new understanding of the candidates or the issues.

Having 10 people on stage, with 60 seconds to talk about multiple complex issues and 15 seconds to rebut something is no way to obtain any substance or details. Unfortunately, this format actually fits very nicely into the 140 character limit of many peoples’ attention span. This debate format was basically just a forum for sound bites and “got ya’s”, not for any form of meaningful discussion. More…

As Conflict With Iran Escalates, Path To Peace Can Be Found

As Conflict With Iran Escalates, Path To Peace Can Be Found
By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers
Posted June 25, 2019

avoiding another decade long warThe recent escalation of conflict between the United States and Iran threatens another US military quagmire that would create crisis and chaos in Iran, the region and perhaps globally as well as costing the US trillions of dollars. The US needs to change course — a deeply wrong course it has been on regarding Iran since the 1950s, escalating since Iran declared its independence in their 1979 Revolution. There is a path out of this situation, but it requires leadership from President Trump, which will only come if the people of the United States mobilize to demand it.

The story repeated in the corporate media, including the New York Times, Washington, Post, CNN, ABC News, and others is that President Trump called off a military attack on Iran at the last moment because he was told that 150 Iranians could be killed. It is evident this was the story being pushed by the White House. Initially, the story was that Trump stopped the bombing with ten minutes to spare, while the planes were already in the air. On Sunday, the story changed to Trump was asked for a decision by the Pentagon a half hour before the attack and said ‘no’ to the attack because he was told about civilian casualties. More…

Censorship is the Last Tool of Tyrants

Censorship is the Last Tool of Tyrants
by Dr. Joseph Mercola
Posted June 18, 2019

big pharma and government team up censorshipWhen you have a profitable business, you want to nurture and protect it, and promote its sustained growth. That’s normal in the world of business. What’s not normal is enlisting government to mandate the use of your product while simultaneously preventing the sharing of bad reviews that might impact sales and/or force you to improve the safety or effectiveness of your product.

And that’s exactly what’s happening in the vaccine industry. In recent months, the push to censor negative press about vaccines has been outright shocking. The “justification” given is that “misinformation” about vaccines is preventing people from making sound medical decisions.

But make no mistake about it; what’s really happening here is that Big Pharma and government are blocking parents of vaccine-injured children from sharing their stories and letting the truth be known that there are risks involved. It’s really a showdown between a largely pharma-run government and parents of vaccine injured children — not government against creators of fake news. More…

U.S. elections rank last among all Western democracies

U.S. elections rank last among all Western democracies
by Pippa Norris
Posted June 16, 2019

electronic voting machines are notoriously insecureSocial media commentary about problems in elections has too commonly distracted us with shiny baubles, reflecting partisan click-bait, fake news, and simplistic attacks on red herrings, mixing up all these complex issues. Instead of falling for these sorts of distraction, anyone concerned about democracy should engage seriously in a dialogue about the problems which need to be addressed to strengthen elections at home and abroad, an issue at the heart of American values.

In particular, there has been no serious rebuttal to the evidence that US elections are seriously flawed in certain respects. But when there are disputes about the validity of any evidence, rather than employing dubious ‘sniff tests’, social scientists usually seek to compare the results using two or more independent sources of data which measure identical or equivalent concepts. The more the agreement among independent studies, all other things being equal, the more confidence we should have in the evidence. Like pieces of a jig-saw, triangulation is the name of the game. More…

The Facts:
The US U.S. elections rank dead last among all Western democracies.  Ineffective electronic voting machine security have been easily defeated  by Defcon hackers.

Reflect On:
If our voting machines are not secure, how can we be sure that the results presented to the people are the true ones? Imagine the turmoil that will result if an election is won and later evidence of tampering is uncovered.

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