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Article – A Tale of 3 Cities

A Tale of 3 Cities
Posted October 24, 2011

POlice bl;ock bridgeWashington DC and Philadelphia have taken a cooperative approach with the protestors. This has resulted in low arrest numbers and significantly smaller manpower requirements. In Washington DC, the marches flowed much more smoothly with less interference with traffic flow, and a higher level of order.

In contrast, New York has taken a confrontational approach with the protestors and this has reduced the level of order, interfered with traffic flow, and required huge numbers of police to maintain a very inefficient control system. It has also resulted in large numbers of arrests, and subsequent clogging of the court system. The number of civil cases that will inevitably result from this confrontational approach will also burden the court system in the future. This confrontational approach has also encouraged rogue members of the NYPD to act outside of the law and in unprofessional ways, which leaves the city open to potential costly lawsuits. Many of these acts have been video recorded and will make defending the rogue actions problematic. This confrontational approach also removes large numbers of police from doing real investigative and police work. It is difficult to determine whether these poorly thought out decisions were made by city officials or the police leadership. However, the end result has been significant costs to the taxpayers in NYC and a reduced level of order. The NYPD is has also taken a public relations hit worldwide.

Article – A Night with Occupy Wall Street

A Night with Occupy Wall Street
Posted October 17, 2011

Crowding into parkA call went out over the Internet stating that the city of New York was preparing to “clean” the park where the Occupy Wall St protests were taking place and that the protestors would have to leave the park during this cleaning. The occupiers were cognizant that this was a thinly veiled attempt to evict them from the park. They asked for people to converge on the park to defend it from the NYPD who would be charged with clearing it.

Having watched this movement from its inception, their message of eliminating the influence of money on our government resonated deeply with me. Their message of corporate and Wall St greed also resonated with me. I remember the horror I felt at the spraying of the penned in protestors, I recall the anger I felt when I viewed the videos where the police entrapped the demonstrators on the bridge and then arrested hundreds of them. The time had come for me personally to take action.

Also published in Market Oracle, October 2011

Video – “More”, is never enough!

“More”, is never enough!
Posted September 26, 2011

This last week we witnessed the spectacle of police guarding the bronze bull statue located on Wall Street. This sight is almost biblical in its significance, where the powers that be order their enforcers, the police, to guard the Golden Calf in front of the Temple of Greed where the elites worship their great gods: money, power, greed, envy, and lust.

Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs and one of the many high priests in this Temple of Greed, once stated that he “was doing God’s work”. It is likely that much of this selfless and charitable work takes place at this Temple of Greed. It is easy to envision the rituals of this Temple, where with hands in the air, the high priests and their followers chant “more, more”, but “more”, is never enough.

Also published in Common Sense 2, October 2011

Article – New Jersey Betrayal

New Jersey Betrayal
Posted August 6, 2011

Christie-SweeneyOnce upon a time in the State of New Jersey, we had a situation where the public workers (of the state) such as teachers, nurses, police, and others were blatantly violating the laws of NJ by not contributing into their pension funds. In fact for 11 of the last 15 years, these irresponsible public employees paid ZERO DOLLARS into the funds. During this time the State of New Jersey has been paying its full share amount into each pension fund all along. Now the pension system is severely underfunded and it is time for those who have not been paying into the system to pay up. Why should the State/taxpayers have to make up the difference when these public employees were so irresponsible? Those who have been paying their fair share should not be made to bear the burden for the irresponsibility of those who did not.

Article – What Organizers and YOU Can Do For Effective Change

What Organizers and YOU Can Do For Effective Change
Posted August 5, 2011

getting resultsPeople seeking change have attended countless rallies, demonstrations, meetings, and get togethers and have witnessed negligible results. The usual occurrence is that like minded people talk, discuss, give and listen to speeches, and complain about the injustices of our ruling elites, corrupt government, and the shrinking economy. At the conclusion of these events, little changes and inertia prevails. Consequently frustration grows, and both interest and commitment wanes. Momentum is lost.

If a movement is to have any effect, it needs to address the peoples’ needs. So what are these needs?

Article – New Jersey throws pensioners under the bus

New Jersey throws pensioners under the bus
Posted June 18, 2011

pensionerThe state of NJ has thrown its pensioners under the bus. The recent “agreement” reached between Governor Christie and the “leaders” of the Senate and Assembly have decided to forgo cost of living increases for those retirees receiving NJ pensions. While on the surface this may seem a reasonable and “acceptable” compromise, closer scrutiny reveals that this is an insidious plan that will leave pensioners who had worked their entire lives and paid their agreed to amounts into the system faithfully, (unlike the state of NJ) with a rapidly decreasing standard of living or potentially totally broke.

Let’s analyze what will happen. We all know that inflation is increasing and will continue to accelerate as the Federal Resereve continues to print more dollars to protect the interests of Wall Street and the “too big to fail” banks.

Article – Private Corporate Court System

Private Corporate Court System
Posted May 4, 2011

corporate kangaroo courtThere is a country where Big Business can completely bypass the court system and have cases brought by employees, customers, and individuals heard by a private court system that is overwhelmingly funded by the corporations themselves. In this country they can even totally prevent the bringing of any class action suits for any damage, fraud, or other illegal practice they may engaged in. These suits can only be brought individually and must be heard by this private court system. So what country is this in? Iran, North Korea, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Myanmar? No, this country is the United States!

Our “independent” Supreme Court has AGAIN sided with the huge corporations and just delivered the working people of the United States another body blow.

Also published in Common Sense2, April 2012

Video – Citizens Close Tax Evader Bank

Citizens Close Tax Evader Bank
Posted April 27, 2011

Bank of America is one of many very large corporations that make $billions in profits, and then use tax loopholes and off shore tax havens to avoid paying taxes on their profits. In fact according to the Government Accountability Office, 2 out 3 corporations pay no taxes. Then the politicians who are bought by these same corporations and the uber wealthy get themselves even more tax loopholes and tax cuts. All this while our government debates throwing veterans into homelessness, cutting heating aid for the elderly, and benefits for mothers with children.

So this group of determined citizens decided to do something about this moral crisis on our society.

Video – Sounds of Resistance

Sounds of Resistance
Posted April 20, 2011

2 out of 3 corporations pay no federal taxes. Some of the biggest tax evaders include Exxon, Verizon, Bank of America, Boeing, CitiGroup, among others. These corporate executives sit there with their “patriotic” flags on their lapels, while they scheme how to avoid paying their fair share of taxes, cut deals to ship American jobs overseas, and setup tax havens in the Caribbean. Is it any wonder that the rest of the country is mired in this economic misery while they prosper?

We don’t have a budget crisis in Washington. We have a MORAL CRISIS. When Congress can seriously debate forcing veterans into homelessness, cutting early childhood education, Pell grants for our students, heating assistance for the elderly, and cutting food aid to pregnant women and children, while giving tax breaks to billionaires and large corporations, something is very, very wrong.

Article – Successful Parasites Do Not Kill Their Hosts

Successful Parasites Do Not Kill Their Hosts
Posted April 13, 2011

parasitesSo why are we mentioning biology in reference to economics? It is because there are parallels between economic and biological systems that can help to illuminate what is presently happening on our economy. In our economy we have 2 classes of people, the PRODUCERS and the PARASITES. The producers are people or business entities that create things that can be sold or exported. These people create wealth. These people can be likened to the hosts in biology. They create wealth (life energy) and are capable of surviving on their own. Examples of the jobs or sectors that have these people include manufacturing, mining, software, movies, timber, agriculture and others. Again what these people have in common is that they produce goods or wealth for the economy.

Article – Are you WILLINGLY paying a 3% tax?

Are you WILLINGLY paying a 3% tax?
Posted April 6, 2011

Bank taxAre you WILLINGLY paying a 3% tax? Are you then paying this money so that it can leave your community, so it can be shipped to tax havens abroad and to pay for the bonuses of bankers and the Wall Street types?

The unfortunate answer is that you probably are. With 609 million credit cards being held by US consumers and with credit cards being used for more than $2.5 trillion in transactions every year you are probably using credit cards for many of your purchases. Did you know that credit card companies charge their merchants a fee of approximately 3% of every transaction? This is on top of minimum monthly fees, gateway fees, statement fees, and address verification fees. The money from these fees goes to pay bonuses for the top bankers. The amounts of these bonuses actually exceed the profits that these banks make.

Also published in Common Sense 2, August 2011
Also published in Market Oracle, July 2011

Article – Are we solving the ROOT CAUSE of our economic problems?

Are we solving the ROOT CAUSE of our economic problems?
Posted April 3, 2011

Phil GrammAre we solving the ROOT CAUSE of our economic problems?

Picture yourself in the following scenario: you are visiting your doctor complaining of abdominal pains, the doctor gives you a prescription for a strong pain killer. Certainly the pain medicine will help you feel better, but does it really solve the problem that caused the pains in the first place? Could this be the result of appendicitis or some other serious condition? You would rightly question the doctor’s judgment. The doctor is treating the SYMPTOMS of the problem, not the ROOT CAUSE.

Originally published in Market Oracle, January 2010

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