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Article – The Big Picture – Part 2 – What has the government response been?

The Big Picture –
Part 2 – What has the government response been?

Posted February 1, 2009

governmentIn the first part of this article we examined how we got ourselves into this economic mess and how our “leaders” and “experts” missed so many warning signs. In this second of 3 parts we will examine what the government response has been.

Our political leaders who once thought that we could spend and borrow our way to prosperity now seem to recognize that indeed something is very wrong. However they still do not view the “big picture” and have instead focused on individual elements of the problem without taking a holistic approach. Their reaction to the economic mess was to pass bailout bills worth over $700 billion, provide insolvent banks with taxpayer cash, guarantee bad debts, and purchase toxic assets. These responses have channeled most of the resources mentioned to our financial institutions in order to “increase their liquidity”.

Also published in the Market Oracle, December 2009

Article – The Big Picture – Part 1 – How did we get here?

The Big Picture – Part 1 – How did we get here?
Posted January 28, 2009

crisisAs the environmental, financial, and economic situation continues to deteriorate around us, we need to step back and take a look at the big picture. We need to see how we ended up in this economic mess, what the government response has been, and what we can do to climb out of this hole that we have collectively dug ourselves into. We are starting to see that our perceived prosperity has really been an illusion and was totally unsustainable.

There are many factors in play here from greenhouse gasses, collateralized debt obligations, subprime mortgages, credit default swaps and other technical terms that can both illuminate and confuse the issues. Too many of our “experts” have provided the nation with obfuscation, double talk, and circular logic in their efforts to avoid providing explanations on why they failed to both predict and warn us of the problems we are now having. How could these “experts” have missed so many of the warning signs of the gathering storm? The goal of this article will be to provide a simplified examination of the big picture. It will be broken into 3 parts, the first will examine how we got into this mess, the second will examine the government’s response, and the third will provide suggestions on how we can start the process of rebuilding this nation’s ability to create wealth and prosperity for all.

Also published in Market Oracle, May 2009

Article – Too Big To Fail, a Mortal Threat

Too Big To Fail, a Mortal Threat
Posted January 15, 2009

Too big to failAs our economy continues to decline and we have bailouts, loans, and guarantees that now total into the $trillions of dollars, let’s examine who is getting these funds and why. These funds are not going to the community banks, mom and pop stores, or other small enterprises. They are going to huge conglomerate corporations that have been deemed “too big to fail” and therefore represent a threat to the nation’s financial security. These conglomerates are the result of acquisitions and mergers over the last few decades that has had the effect of reducing competition and consumer choice. In the end this has the ultimate effect of raising prices which would by definition increase profit margins.

Also published in Market Oracle, January 2009

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