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Separating Children From Their Families Is Nothing New, US Has Been Doing It For Decades

Separating Children From Their Families Is Nothing New, US Has Been Doing It For Decades
by Darius Shahtahmasebi
Posted August 4, 2018

war crimes Wow. Do you mean the United States government is actually committing human-rights abuses? Imagine my surprise, that the country which I believe to be a beacon of human rights, democracy and freedom has suddenly begun committing a human-rights abuse for what I am supposed to believe is the very first time.

The United States has had a longstanding foreign policy of separating thousands of children from their parents on a daily basis. Arguably, this decades-long policy that has continued through both Democrat and Republican administrations is even worse than the current “zero-tolerance” immigration policy, given that the US has been separating thousands of children from their families using explosive devices, not detention centers.

On the campaign trail, then-candidate Trump vowed that he would “take out” the families of Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) fighters and no one seemed to bat an eyelid at the time. While no one was looking, he began doing just that – and more. Soon after ascending to office, he relaxed the so-called Obama-era restrictions on airstrikes in multiple warzones, meaning that commanders on the field could call in airstrikes with almost all but zero oversight. The result was mass murder and chaos, as the commander-in-chief dropped 20,650 bombs in a mere six-month window. More…

Et Tu, Bernie?

Et Tu, Bernie?
by Chris Hedges
Posted August 2, 2018

There are 2 Bernie SandersThere are two versions of Bernie Sanders. There is the old Bernie Sanders, who mounted a quixotic campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination as a democratic socialist who refused corporate cash and excoriated corporate Democrats. And there is the new Bernie Sanders, who dutifully plays by the party’s rules, courts billionaires, refused to speak out in support of the lawsuit brought against the Democratic National Committee (DNC) for rigging the primaries against him and endorses Democratic candidates who espouse the economic and political positions he once denounced.

The Democratic Party is neither democratic nor in any real sense a political party. It is a corporate mirage. The members of its base can, at best, select preapproved candidates and act as props in a choreographed party convention. Voters have zero influence on party politics. More…

How YOU Can Undermine the ‘Evil Cabal’

How YOU Can Undermine the ‘Evil Cabal’
by Dylan Charles
Posted July 30, 2018

undermining the Firstly, understand that systems of political and economic control are actually more heavily dependent on the acquiescence, cooperation, and participation of many millions of people. They are much less dependent on brute force, even though the perception is that brute force controls everything. This notion is accurately presented by Larken Rose in his short animated presentation, The Tiny Dot. The acquiescent masses vastly outnumber any evildoers.

It is imperative to also understand that the world is heavily influenced by the management of public perception, and that holding onto a chiefly negative and fearful worldview severely limits your potential to create and experience the world in which you actually wish to see materialize.

Furthermore, you must recognize that taking it upon yourself to assemble and collate every possible fact and insight into every conspiracy and every nasty event is self-destructive. That is, by becoming a library of terrible truths, you are willfully imposing upon yourself a subtle but powerful form of mental slavery. More…

Twelve Tips For Making Sense Of The World

Twelve Tips For Making Sense Of The World
by Caitlin Johnstone
Posted July 25, 2018

making sense of the worldIn an environment that is saturated with mass media propaganda, it can be hard to figure out which way’s up, let alone get an accurate read on what’s going on in the world. Here are a few tips I’ve learned which have given me a lot of clarity in seeing through the haze of spin and confusion. Taken separately they don’t tell you a lot, but taken together they paint a very useful picture of the world and why it is the way it is.

A 2014 Princeton study showed that ordinary Americans have essentially zero influence over their nation’s policy and behavior regardless of how they vote, while wealthy Americans have a great deal of influence. This is because the ability to use corporate lobbying and campaign donations effectively amounts to the legalized bribery of elected officials, which means that money translates directly into political power. This creates a ruling class which is naturally incentivized to use their influence to increase their own wealth while decreasing everyone else’s, because since power is relative, the less money everyone else has the more power the ruling class has. More…

Why We Should Be Alarmed That Israeli Forces And U.S. Police Are Training Together

Why We Should Be Alarmed That Israeli Forces And U.S. Police Are Training Together
by Domenica Ghanem
Posted July 24, 2018

who is the enemy?The Israeli forces mowing down unarmed Palestinian protesters also train U.S. police forces that brutalize communities of color. U.S. police departments are sent to Israel, or sometimes Israeli forces come to the United States, under the pretense of counter-terrorism training.

Apparently that training includes learning the benefits of “skunk water”—a liquid developed by Israel that’s used to break up anti-occupation protests like the ones occurring right now. After protests in Ferguson, the St. Louis department started stockpiling the stuff.

And that now infamous NYPD Muslim surveillance program? The NYPD Intelligence Division Chief responsible for that one got the idea from a similar program used to spy on Palestinians.

It begs the question of whom the U.S. police consider terrorists. More…

David Hogg Just Got “SWATTED”. Here’s Why That’s So Messed Up.

David Hogg Just Got “SWATTED”. Here’s Why That’s So Messed Up.
By Joe Jarvis
Posted July 23, 2018

most SWAT raids are for minor offensesThe number of raids conducted by SWAT-like police units has grown accordingly. In the 1970s, there were just a few hundred a year; by the early 1980s, there were some 3,000 a year. In 2005 (the last year for which Dr. Kraska collected data), there were approximately 50,000 raids.

Now 80% of no-knock SWAT raids are used to execute minor search warrants. Only 7% are used for the original purpose: hostage and barricade situations.

No-knock raids–when the police do not announce themselves, and instead break into a home with battering rams–routinely get both officers and civilians killed. More…

Why a Central Bank Can Never Run Out of Money

Why a Central Bank Can Never Run Out of Money
By Chris Mayer
Posted July 22, 2018

central banks can never run out of moneyWe can’t run out of money,” economist L. Randall Wray said. The U.S. government spends through keystrokes that credit bank accounts, he continued. The money comes from nowhere. The government doesn’t need to finance itself with taxes. And it doesn’t borrow its own currency. It can afford all that is for sale in dollars.

Despite laying out an incontrovertible set of facts, Wray’s audience often is aghast. He says he gets four reactions when he tells people about how the government spends:

Incredulity: “That’s crazy!”
Fear: “Zimbabwe! Weimar!”
Moral indignation: “You’d destroy our economy!”
Anger: “You’re a dirty pinko commie fascist!” More…

Everything That Dies Does Not Come Back

Everything That Dies Does Not Come Back
by Raúl Ilargi Meijer
Posted July 21, 2018

culture of deathThere are a lot of industries in our world that wreak outsized amounts of havoc. Think the biggest global banks and oil companies. Think plastics. But there is one field that is much worse than all others: agro-chemicals. At some point, not that long ago, the largest chemical producers, who until then had kept themselves busy producing Agent Orange, nerve agents and chemicals used in concentration camp showers, got the idea to use their products in food production.

The battle is between biodiversity and Monsanto, and the latter is winning big. Monsanto-Bayer wants farmers to grow only a few crops, that it has patents on, and to kill off everything else with the chemicals without which these crops will not grow. Monoculture on steroids, raised in sterile environments bereft of life. 75% of insects gone in Europe’s countrysides, 60% of vertebrates, birds and butterflies becoming a rarity.

It is insanity in its purest form. Insanity of individual people, insanity of legal systems, insanity of governance. No-one, and no country, should be obliged to prove that Monsanto’s products are killing off biodiversity. We have an instrument called the precautionary principle, and we must use it. Like Hippocrates’ First Do No Harm. It is not complicated. More…

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