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How Big Brother Grips Americans’ Minds to Support Invasions

[Social] How Big Brother Grips Americans’ Minds to Support Invasions by Eric Zuesse Posted January 4, 2019 On November 29th, Gallup headlined “Democrats Lead Surge in Belief U.S. Should Be World Leader” and reported that “Three-fourths (75%) of Americans today think...

A Local Food Revolution in Puerto Rico

[Community] A Local Food Revolution in Puerto Rico by Alex Sammon Posted December 18, 2018 “They say that during Maria, Puerto Rico only had enough food for one week,” says Carmen Yulín Cruz, the mayor of San Juan, who became an international figurehead after calling...

America’s Permanent-War Complex

[Politics] America’s Permanent-War Complex By Gareth Porter Posted December 17, 2018 Eisenhower's worst nightmare has come true, as defense mega-contractors climb into the cockpit to ensure we stay overextended. What President Dwight D. Eisenhower dubbed the...

The List

[Justice] The List By Sarah Stillman Posted December 11, 2018 When juveniles are found guilty of sexual misconduct, the sex-offender registry can be a life sentence. In Prince William County, Virginia, two years ago, a seventeen-year-old high-school junior sent a...

The Best Way To Honor War Veterans Is To Stop Creating Them

[Social] The Best Way To Honor War Veterans Is To Stop Creating Them by Caitlin Johnstone Posted December 9, 2018 Seriously, how is “charity for veterans” a thing, and how are people not extremely weirded out by it? How is it that you can go out and get your limbs...

Save Us From Freedom!

[Social] Save Us From Freedom! By Julian Rose Posted December 6, 2018 Freedom once meant something significant for mankind. It meant ceasing to be suppressed and imprisoned by forces that endeavour to control one. The word ‘freedom’ conjured a sense of what it means,...

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billionaires don't EARN money, they MAKE money

You do not become a billionaire through labor. You become a billionaire through inheritance, corruption or economic rents – or, in most cases, some mixture of all three.

Grace Blakeley


same puppet master pulling strings on both sides

Mainstream American liberals think they’re clear-eyed because they can see the propaganda strings being pulled by Fox and Donald Trump, and mainstream American conservatives think they’re clear-eyed because they can see the propaganda strings being pulled by MSNBC and the Democrats, but the propaganda strings on both trace back to the same puppet master. And seeing that is just the beginning.

Caitlin Johnstone


discover your infinite worth

You alone are the judge of your worth and your goal is to discover infinite worth in yourself, no matter what anyone else thinks.

Deepak Chopra


main stream media propaganda

It is obvious that the US government is destroying Assange to signal to journalists the consequences of publishing information. It is therefore also obvious that any journalist who fails to use whatever platform they have to speak out against Assange’s persecution has no intention of ever publishing anything that the US government doesn’t want published. Their silence on or support for what is being done to this man can and should be taken as an admission that they are nothing other than state propagandists.

Caitlin Johnstone


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